Holy Freaking Crap!

Check me out today on the FORKS OVER KNIVES HOME PAGE!!!

Happy MOFO to me!!! WOOHOO!!!

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123 responses to “Holy Freaking Crap!

  1. Okay so I head over to grab my link to Forks Over Knives for a post and WHAT DO I SEE??? But it is YOU my vegan friend! Love it – Spread the word sister!
    I am trying to post more vegan-ized comfort foods – bringing in the converts!
    Keep it up Somer!

  2. Wow. Congratulations! You’re amazing!

  3. This is so inspiring! I’m glad I found your blog! Thanks for liking my first post!

  4. talkbackjaq

    Hi Somer! Thank you so much for liking my blog post. I knew your picture looked familiar but I couldn’t place why. I was looking through you blog posts and came across this one and it all clicked. I read your article when Ginger is the New Pink posted it on her FB page. I had to thank you for writing it, because it gave me the little reminder I needed that a plant based diet really does help! :)

    • Crazy! The story went a bit viral, I have no idea who shared what where, but I’m grateful it got out, even if it was a bit uncomfortable and embarrassing to put it out there. People need to know what a plant based diet can do for them! Thanks for coming over here as well. You’ve got an awesome blog!

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  6. What an amazing story you have to tell, Somer! I only recently started following your blog, so I had no idea until you sent out your MOFO Round-up. God’s original dietary plan – imagine that, it heals us! :D I am so happy for you!

  7. A fantastic achievement, and an amazing story. Very inspirational and its wonderful to see the new you. I am very very happy for you xx

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