Sriracha and Olive Salsa Fresca

I hate to admit it, but some of the best salsa I’ve ever made has come from canned tomatoes. Now that I’ve been making my salsa this way for a while I’m pretty much convinced that this is the same method that my favorite Mexican restaurants use to make their salsa as well. Oh, and the best part: no endless chopping, the blender does most of the work for you, allowing you to have nearly a quart of salsa ready in about a minute.

Whole Grain Black Bean & Rice Burrito topped w/ Sriracha & Olive Salsa Fresca

Sriracha and Olive Salsa Fresca

1 can diced tomatoes, 1 can drained black olives, 1 small can diced green chiles, 1/4 of an onion roughly chopped, 1/2 bunch cilantro roughly chopped, 2 T. fresh or bottled lemon juice, garlic salt to taste, few grinds black pepper, squirt (or 4) of sriracha or other favorite hot sauce.

Dump all ingredients in your blender. Pulse a few times until chopped to bits and everything is well combined. You’re done! We like to eat ours with baked tortilla chips. You can also make this without the olives if you prefer.

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78 responses to “Sriracha and Olive Salsa Fresca

  1. lucylox

    Mmm, easy salsa! Like the idea of adding olives xx

  2. Rachel

    i’d like to try that one – is a ‘T’ a table spoon? (lemon)

  3. Never made salsa with canned tomatoes, but I think you are spot-on about some Mexican joints making theirs that way. I’m tryin’ it cuz those photos look so good!! Bring on the chips!

    • I hadn’t done it until this year. Converted (shame on me)! I’ll swear it’s delicious. I used to chop for hours making the fresh variety (why does fresh salsa turn all soapy and frothy if you try to process or blend it?). I needed salsa one night for a meal and didn’t have fresh tomatoes or jalapenos on hand so the original recipe was created out of desperation. It tastes just like fabulous Mexican restaurant salsa.

      • An Unrefined Vegan

        The other thing about fresh salsa is it does get very soupy. And yeah, the froth is kinda icky. This is another recipe for the weekend. I’ve got a pot of rice and beans that are crying out for this stuff.

        • Somer

          Yes, they are weeping! You must make it ;) I’ve got your chocolate peanut butter mousse, your “chedda” (for grilled cheez) with your roasted tomato lentil. Ahh, weekend food! And all my posts next week are all ready planned so no insane baking frenzy, unless I get a wild hair ;)

  4. Abraham McCowan

    Me likey.

  5. Jubie

    Mmmmm, yummy! I love cilantro AND for me, the more lime juice (lemons or limes, I just go with what I’ve got at the time) the better! What did we ever do before Sriracha sauce??!! I’ll bet this would be good over some butternut squash & black bean baked enchiladas….with gluten-free sprouted corn tortillas…mmmm, come on, you know you want some!

    • I know right?!? For me, it’s not salsa without lemon or lime and cilantro. Sriracha goes into more things than I care to admit around here, what dish couldn’t use a kicked up notch of awesomeness? :) I totally want the butternut squash and black bean enchiladas in corn tortillas! Where’s your food blog?!? I’ll have you know (you’d be proud of me) that I served these on whole grain quesadillas with chopped spring onion, fresh tomato, red and green bell pepper and -wait for it- homemade Smoked Coconut Gouda (recipe coming soon) it’ll blow you away!

    • Oh, one more thing, I just realized last night that your facebook profile photo is Achmed the dead terrorist. I made me like you even more (if that’s possible!) ;)

  6. I love canned tomatoes – for one my husband will eat them (he doesn’t like the texture of raw ones) but also they go in so many things. I buy petite diced organic ones. And they rock in salsa!

    • Somer

      That’s the same ones I used, and sometimes, if I’m feeling fancy I get the fire roasted variety! I love tomatoes in all their forms, which is why I was hesitant to post this recipe, but it’s too amazing not to share.

  7. I’ll take two for the road!

  8. That sounds so good! I would definitely not leave out the olives. :)

    • Somer

      It was a last minute magical whim, it takes this salsa to a whole new level of awesome ;) !
      p.s. I had some typos I had to correct in my cookie recipe last week. I hope it didn’t turn out too terribly for you, dang MOFO is wearing me out and ruining my ability to do coherent posts.

  9. Sriracha and olives…two of my favorite things!

  10. It just hit me that I didn’t make salsa this year. I must’ve been in a tomato delirium to forget..I love the addition of olives and will have to try it out soon. Everything you make looks yummy!

    • Somer

      Oh NO! The attack of the killer tomatoes won!!!

      Well, if you bottled tomatoes plain you can use them for this instant blender salsa. Thanks Heidi!

  11. I am a sucker for salsa. I could drink it. I am VERY excited to give this a go as I have largely been disappointed with my own fresh tomato based efforts. Wonder what that’s all about. My salsa lovin’ son will be glad someone nudged me to give it another go. Thanks!

    • Somer

      You caught me, I sometimes drink it from the jar. Salty delicious goodness! I love fresh tomato salsa as well, but since I don’t have a garden and no-one was sending me their offerings over the summer, I found this baby. I must say I like it every bit as much as my successful fresh salsa efforts. The not chopping bit is fantastic as well!

  12. Love salsa, love olives, love this!! Looks divine!

  13. oooh i ‘d like to dig into this bowlful!

    • Somer

      I know, right? :) It would make a great sauce for a Mexican pizza, with your cheddar, soy sour cream and avocado… Just sayin’ ;)

  14. You crazy, girl! And I mean “crazy” as in “crazy genius”! I like to make my salsa with sriracha already, but I never would’ve thought to add olives. Love it!

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  16. This looks fantastic! I hope you don’t mind that I suggested your salsa (with a link to your site) to use in a recipe of mine (

  17. kt

    thanks for the ‘like’ today, my husband is the salsa maker and I featured his recipe on my blog and we have discovered, like you, the canned tomatoes make the best, seriously, after using great fresh ones.

  18. Made this today: Never buying salsa again.

  19. oooh this looks SO GOOD

  20. Oh, olives and sriracha! That’s a salsa I can get excited about! :)

  21. biggsis

    Yummy! Bless you – just the kind of time saver I love ; ) And I confess I didn’t know what Sriracha was… a regional hot sauce thang perhaps?

    • Somer

      Yay! Oh, it is a FABULOUS HOT SAUCE. Pretty easy to find. Just look in the Asian section of your grocery store. It has a rooster on the bottle. You will fall in love with it. A little goes a long way, it’s HOT HOT HOT and delicious!

  22. I’ve never tried olives in my salsa – nice touch. Will have to give that a try.

  23. This recipe looks awesome! My husband is not an olive fan, but I’m thinking this recipe might convert him…

  24. YUMMM!! Crushed tomatoes are definitely the way to go by the looks of this! Anything that can get Mexican food into my belly faster is a winner, I say! :-)

  25. Salsa is our *favorite* condiment! The Dirty Hippie makes a large batch and it takes all day – his process is so long, we’ve never bothered to blog it. Who has all day to make salsa, right? This looks much more practical! Can’t wait to try it.

    • Somer

      I’ve seriously spent all afternoon making fresh salsa before. It’s good, but I can honestly say this method produces better and quicker results! Yay for salsa in a minute!

  26. LOVE black olives in my salsa – there is nothing quite like homemade salsa!

  27. I think I might give our coming summer a food theme…I think it might be Mexican. I figure we can both scarf our weights worth of Mexican delights and slather it all in all kinds of salsas. Mexico = hot…Tasmania in the summer = hot…I am starting to see a pattern emerging here! Off to write “Sriracha” on the shopping list!

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  30. Try as I may, I’ve never been able to get onto olives. This recipe might just be the fix!

  31. Making this salsa…again :-).

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