Cozy Roasted Butternut Soup

Winter has officially hit Utah, we’ve had gray and gloomy skies for days. We finally had snow this morning that didn’t melt straight away when it fell. Temps are calling for sweaters, hats and scarves. It’s definitely cozy soup weather. Plus I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy since I just hit 500 likes on facebook today! Join me there!

Cozy Roasted Butternut Soup

I know everyone and their dog has a version of this soup, what’s one more? ;)

  • 1 medium to large butternut, simply cut in half, seeds left in
  • 2 large onions, cut in half lengthwise, skins removed and left intact
  • 1 whole head of garlic
  • 6-8 cups good vegetable stock (depending on the size of the butternut, for a larger butternut, use more stock)
  • 2 t. dried thyme
  • dash of cayenne
  • 2 T. nutritional yeast
  • 2 t. sea salt (or to taste)
  • few grinds of black pepper

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Wrap the head of garlic in aluminum foil. Assemble butternut, onions and the foil covered garlic on the baking sheet like this. Roast at 325 for about 2 hours or until everything is soft and lightly browned. In the meantime, about 20 minutes before the vegetables are finished, simmer the vegetable stock with the seasonings and spices above over lowest heat.

Once vegetables are fully roasted, remove tray from oven, easily scoop out the butternut seeds, (set aside for toasting if desired). Scoop roasted butternut squash out of its shell with a spoon, roughly chop the roasted onions and cut the top quarter off the roasted garlic and squeeze out all the roasted cloves.  Add all the vegetables to the simmering and seasoned vegetable stock. Once heated through, puree completely with an immersion blender (or run batches through your regular blender).

 I used a simple tahini cream to brighten up the soup: 1/2 C. soymilk, 1/4 C. fresh lemon juice, 4 T. tahini. Blend all in blender, add sea salt to taste. I’ve also been using this as a salad dressing and as a sour cream replacement on EVERYTHING. It’s super versatile.

Rustic Multigrain Seeded Loaf (featured in photos) recipe coming to you tomorrow

The Virtual Vegan Potluck is only one week away? Over 105 bloggers in 14 Countries bringing you a plethora of vegan eats! Mark your calenders for November 1st and get your taste buds ready!

Have you ever been to Utah? Rumor has it that we have the greatest snow on earth….. I think it’s gonna be an awfully long winter. Time to dust off that snowboard.

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95 responses to “Cozy Roasted Butternut Soup

  1. Yum! Thanks for this recipe. I love the way you got around the only part of butternut soup I detest–peeling the squash. Why didn’t anyone ever tell me to roast it before?! Brilliant idea:)

  2. Perfect! Walked the dog this morning in full on snow – yikes!! I’m not ready! I’m making pasta e fagioli for lunch today, another cozy soup of which everyone and their dog has a version! Bring on that bread!!

  3. Thanks for pic linky. Love the look of that cream…. I hear black beans with tahini cream calling.

    • Of course, I hadn’t figured out roasting my onions with the squash until I saw that post. DUH! Oh girl, black beans and tahini cream are divine, I can vouch for it, we had the tahini cream over black bean enchiladas this week. We inhaled them too fast to photograph them!

  4. Sounds yum and warming….Can’t wait for the bread recipe :-)

  5. Always a fave – we literally have dozens of butternut squash from our garden. Glad for another soup to try! Thanks Somer!

  6. Drooling. I’m looking forward to making this. I do not have too many of these recipes, nor do I have a dog. Thanks.

  7. Yum! You’re right, I’ve seen this soup everywhere I turn and I just saw this tahini cream the other day and can’t wait to make it! I think all the posts I’m seeing means I need to go make it, haha. It looks sooooo delicious! Your pics make me want to go make it now! It looks gorgeous!

  8. that tahini swirl on top is so pretty!

  9. Here in Australia we clump all “squashes” aside from the zucchini and other watery ones as “pumpkin”…we love our pumpkins here in Australia! BUT we can’t understand why you Americans spend so much time trying to make it sweet! It’s an amazingly versatile veggie and should be used in as many savoury things as possible…curries, Laksa, Stir fries, roasted and soup… heavenly roasted butternut pumpkin soup…my go-to happy meal of the winter. Quick, easy and scrumptious and poured over a mound of steamed spuds…my energy soul food :). Cheers for “another recipe for every man and his dog” I am sure that my man and his dogs wouldn’t be as keen as I am about it, BUT who cares…they don’t eat it by the pot full like I do! ;)

    • Haha! p.s. I learned how to make butternut soup when I lived in Oz, but I wasn’t vegan then and put buckets of cream in it. I like it far better this way.

      I do adore pumpkin in savory recipes, but I can’t help myself – I’m american through and through and love pumpkin pie, cookies, scones, etc. ;)

  10. erika

    13 inches at Snowbird in the last 24 hours- another 6 to 12 expected by tomorrow. Great way to start the season! Your soup looks divine, yet another winner. Making the cream soon too!

  11. Wow, Somer! That looks great – I’m very impressed indeed :D

  12. This is the prettiest bowl of soup I’ve ever seen! And I bet the flavor of that tahini “cream” is amazing with the squash. Yum!

  13. I always love a good butternut squash soup- It’s definitely one of my favorite types. Yours looks absolutely gorgeous with the tahini marblization (is that a word? Now it is.)! Great photos too, Somer- you are so talented! xoxo

    • Hey thanks lady, my kitchen is really dark and it’s been so cloudy lately that I’m struggling to make anything look good. And yes, marblization is totally a word… :)

  14. Everyone and their dog might have a butternut squash soup recipe, but I’m glad to have yours! My dog’s recipe is pretty lackluster. ;) But seriously, what a beautiful soup!! Those swirls take a simple soup to the next level! I’m sorry to hear about your snow. I noticed that the tree in my front yard, which was full of vibrant red leaves just a few short days ago, is now completely bare. This does not bode well. :(

    • You doll! I’m glad you like this. Some versions are sweeter, mine is more savory. I’m in love with that simple tahini cream. I want to drink it….

      I wasn’t ready for winter either :(

  15. I’m jealous of your snow, already. Today we had a mini Indian Summer up here – it was 23C and beautiful. Though I think they call for rain for the next 2 weeks now. Looking forward to the bread recipe too. I want to make some this weekend.

  16. biggsis

    Nutritional yeast flakes and tahini cream sound like delightful additions – yum!

  17. Yum! And the garnish is so oooh la la! : )

  18. This looks so lovely!! I love squash–we’re definitely thinking on the same wave length there. I’ll have a vegan savory squash bread pudding up in the next week, but it definitely won’t have these lovely wavy lines all over it.
    Did you make your bread? I’ve been laying with the Artisan Bread in Five minutes recipes with great success. Have you ever used that? If not, we have to chat!

    • Oh girl. I make bread nearly every day. All kinds, whole wheat sandwich loaf, seeded loaves, pan rolls, and yes, I have both the artisan cookbooks. Super impressed by the basic recipe, but since we mostly try to eat whole wheat, I’m not as impressed with their whole wheat versions. Let me know if you’ve had a different experience!

  19. give me a bowlful of this gorgeous soup and a couple of loaves of the bread.. yeah i eat too much bread:)
    i love the pattern on top! congrats on the 500 fans!

  20. Ha! I just made butternut squash soup last night! I used whipped cream cheesed with chives to add extra creaminess. Yours looks really thick!

    • It was thick! I ended up watering the leftovers down a bit, but adjusted the recipe to reflect the correct amount of veggie stock :) Yours sounds YUM!

      • It looks like a veggie puree not soup. :-) Sometimes that is good because it can be used as a thick sauce PLUS thin it for a soup. Great way to get two uses out of things! I gotta remember to put nutritional yeast in next time. Or I will just use your recipe! Yum!

        • Haha! You are totally right! It was almost like a veggie puree, but it had too much stock to be quite there. I loved using nutritional yeast this time, makes up for the butter or cream I used to use in the recipe before I went vegan!

  21. Came back here once more to drool some more over this mousse-like scrumptiosness!! YUM! :)

  22. It’s been gloomy and overcast out East for the past few days as well, and this recipe looks like the perfect pick me up! :)

  23. Ha, I’m roasting a b’nut squash for soup this weekend too! We’re having such similar weather (since we’re state-neighbors), so we’re definitely thinking alike.

  24. jriceepstein

    Looks delicious! I’ve spent some time in Utah, and it’s just beautiful, especially the SLC area. Where did you move from? I’m from L.A. originally. When I moved to New York, the weather didn’t faze me. But when we came to Chicago… well, that’s a whole other ballgame!

    • I grew up in St. George Utah, which is scorching hot in summer and mild in the winter. I’ve been to 26 of the states but never New York or Chicago, some day…. :)

  25. Beautiful soup! Has me feeling all warm and cozy just looking at it ;)

  26. Delicious Pot

    Ohh I want this right now!! :D lovely pattern on top!!

  27. Loving the design on top!. Not really a fan of butternut squash but this looks yumm—yyyyy

  28. Beautiful soup Somer! And yes, your sauce looks simple and divine…I’ve made that lemon tahini sauce many times over the years – its so good! Your soup looks gorgeous!

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  30. Nawww, my Mum used to make that pattern with icing (frosting) on the butterfly birthday cakes she made me. Super cute and I’m also loving the tahini sour cream idea! Must try immediately! :-)

  31. so many people are asking for good squash soups to make this fall, can’t wait to share this one.

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  33. Mmmm this whole post has me hungry- you literally just made my favorite meal in the world!

  34. Eq209540!

    Hey – I am curious what the yield per each recipe is? It looks and sounds great I just want to make sure that when I am meal planning I am planning for enough! Thanks!

    • It really depends on the size of the butternut you are using, since all butternuts are different sizes, I can’t give you an exact yeild, but you should be able to get about 8 cups of soup from a smallish butternut and 12+ from a larger buttternut.

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