Buttery Pan Rolls

Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving? I’ll be sharing some items with you that we’ll be celebrating with at our feast, but I really wanted to make sure you include these at your table first. They really are THAT good:


 Buttery Pan Rolls

Head on over to Vegan Monologue for the delicious recipe here. The only variation I made was to bake mine in a springform pan instead of a cake round.

You have to make these!


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43 responses to “Buttery Pan Rolls

  1. Carolyn

    on the Buttery Pan rolls, how much is 1 packet of yeast? I have a big bag from Costco that I measure out.

  2. Yaaay – totally didn’t think I’d get voted for by a bunch of vegans… I assumed I’d be ostracised :D. Great rolls btw, Somer :D

    • Ostracized? Pshaw! I told you they’d love you! Congrats Frugal! You deserve the prize. Oh and the rolls really are fantastic, too bad the recipe’s not mine. ;)

  3. I’ll require one complete pan o’ rolls just for myself, girl!! Oh my gosh… And look at you and all of the award luv! Your mantelpiece is gonna get crowded :-)! Well-deserved, each and every one of them!

  4. I am for sure making the brie, and now those fabulous looking rolls this year for Thanksgiving! Oh, and congrats on all your wins! You deserve it!

  5. Those look really good. I’ll have to give them a try this week. Congrats on your new awards. You deserve them!

  6. Alright I am going to try these, but i NEED to try that brie ASAP. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Loving the butter pan rolls missy! Next rolls to make on my list?…hmmmm i wonder ;-)

  8. WOOT! I was on the money voting for your appetiser and Frugals soup :). Was there a prize for the voter who picked the most winners? ;)

  9. Congrats on all of the awards, Somer! You rock (but I already knew that before the awards). :-)

  10. Wow those recipes look amazing. I nominated you for the sunshine awards too! =)

  11. Well done! And the rolls look delicious. I haven’t made rolls in ages. Drool.

  12. congratulations on the win and the awards!! that brie en croute totally deserved it! those rolls look so puffy and awesome!

  13. Congratulations on all your awards! That brie would be excellent for Thanksgiving.. or any dinner party.. maybe my next book club meeting:)

  14. a big congrats! i have meant to make some rolls too. these look amazingly delicious!

  15. Congrats girl…I knew you would win though! :) Rolls look tasty!

  16. WHOOHOO!! You deserve each and every accolade!! Your VVP submission was incredible. Rock on, Somer! xx

  17. Look at those GORGEOUS buns Somer! Love them, can I call them that? ;) Thanks for the mention and love to see all the wonderful company we are in, that was a great event, and congrats to all the other wonderful winners! Thank you for ALL of your energy and hard work (and Annie too). So much going on in this post! XO Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. Those buttery rolls look amazing & congrats for your many well-deserved awards, Somer!

    Yeah to you & your lovely very inspirational blog too! You deserve even more awards! :) xxx

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  20. Wow. These rolls are gorgeous. I checked out the link, but this is my first time with a vegan recipe. If you don’t mind my asking, what is earth balance? Thanks :)

    • Earth Balance is just a vegan substitute for butter. It’s delicious and can be found in most larger grocery stores. It’s non-hydrogenated and tastes better than any other margarine I’ve found :) Enjoy!

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