Toasted Sesame Tahini Pictorial

Toasted Sesame TahiniWay better than the store bought stuff

Anyone else tired of paying nearly $10 a jar for Tahini? I stopped buying tahini at the store months ago. If you buy sesame seeds in bulk at your natural foods store, you can make your own way more awesome organic version for around $2 bucks.

Measure OutMeasure out 3 cups organic sesame seeds into a skillet

ToastToast on stove-top over medium-high heat for about 5 minutes, stirring constantly, until seeds are golden brown.

In Food ProcessorDump into food processor, add a teaspoon of sea salt if desired.

Halfway ThroughProcess for 7-10 minutes, scraping down sides every couple minutes. It will look dry and crumbly, but don’t worry it’ll come together.

FinishedTahini is ready when completely smooth.

DSC_0168Store in your old Tahini Jar, if it’s a 16 oz jar, it’ll fit perfectly. For ultimate freshness, keep in the fridge.


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99 responses to “Toasted Sesame Tahini Pictorial

  1. I love how much money you can save by doing some of the work yourself. It is also great that you can control exactly what ingredients go into your food. No need to read any labels, you just know what is in it… and it makes you so proud of being so handy in the kitchen ;D

  2. So amazingly simple and I bet it tastes great. Sadly, won’t be trying this one as sesame is a big no go in this house! Hope you’re all feeling better x

  3. I use tahini a lot. yes! I am one of those that spends $10 on a jar. I am totally going to try this. Thanks so much!

  4. Lol! I JUST bought a jar yesterday for around $7 I think and I hated spending that. I even contemplated making my own since I make my own nut butters, applesauce, etc. but I didn’t think my food processor would grind the tiny seeds. Good to know that it works…I totally want to return the jar now! Looks super yummy and way better than what I bought too :)

    • Oh girl, it works perfectly. I wasn’t sure, but I always have sesame seeds in the pantry so I just gave it a go one day. I was blown away by the results. So much fresher and yummier. You just want to eat it out of the jar!

  5. £1.18 for a jar over here, but its only a little jar, none the less I like the idea of making my own tahini when I make hummus!

  6. Helen

    great! I’m looking forward to do my own tahini as well:))

  7. Brilliant! Thank you. I pay about $7 a jar. I was recently bemoaning that fact too, so your tutorial comes at the perfect time. :)

  8. Reblogged this on Dining on Dialysis and commented:
    For we Dialysis folks:
    Number of Servings: 48
    Serving Size: 1 Tbsp
    Calories 103
    Cholesterol 0 mg
    Sodium 2 mg
    Potassium 84 mg
    Protein 3.2 g
    Total Carbohydrate 4.2 g
    Dietary Fiber 2.1 g
    Sugars 0.1 g
    Calcium 352 mg
    Phosphorus 226 mg

  9. I’ve been wanting to make my own tahini for eons! Thanks for the inspiration!! :-)

  10. I treat the stuff like gold! I’ll bet the flavor of homemade is SO much better (read: fresh)!

  11. Has anyone tried this with raw sesame seeds (not toasted)? Does it work just as well? I’d like to keep my diet mostly raw, so I wondered if it’d be possible to do this w/ raw sesame seeds?

  12. I had no idea tahini was so easy to make. Thank you and Happy New Year!!

  13. Sas

    Thanks Somer, I didn’t realise it was so easy to make. And I can’t mess the measurements up on this one, because there’s only one ingredient:)

    • Exactly! ;) Anyone could make it, but I’ve got confidence you’ll grow in the kitchen, like anything worth learning, it just takes time and patience. xx

  14. And fresh tastes so much better!! :) I hate the canned stuff personally!

  15. Had no idea it was that easy! This is great.

  16. Thank you, Somer, for reminding us of something so simple! Yes, I am sick of paying $8 something for organic tahini paste. I am definitely going to try your recipe!

  17. I am going to have to try this. I almost killed my food processor in an attempt to make home made coconut spread out of desiccated coconut but if it croaks on this recipe, at least it will have died a noble death! I need some more tahini…I have chickpeas waiting its glistening enrobing so I am going to have to hunt out my sesame seeds (in the freezer) and get toasting… just one thing…how do you stop yourself from eating the toasted sesame seeds with a spoon right out of the pan and having to toast more? ;)

    • Watch out, your food processor may be on it’s last leg! I killed my S blade on my last batch of almond butter. Thank goodness it was just the blade and not the machine!

      I love toasted sesame seeds too, but the tahini is so good, it’s worth the wait ;)

      • Today I cook some sesame seeds! (and most probably my food processor as well…) I am in need of that sticky degustatory delight and have some of Frugal’s baked falafels in mind and a whole pile of home grown greens and some home made pita bread… definately going to have to make some now! :)

        • Good luck, keep me posted Fran. Frugal’s falafel sounds fantastic at the moment (minus the egg) :)

          • Yup…you don’t need the egg (even though I have 9 dozen of them in the fridge thanks to our overzealous hens…), I love experimenting with different bean flours and have some wonderful orange red lentil flour just waiting to be paired with those chickpeas and still the whole mass together. Might even toss in some pureed spinach or silverbeet…could be interesting :)

  18. my friend amy showed me this trick this year. it is so magickal.

  19. Yum yum yum – how beautiful and SO easy to make :-)

  20. Laurie

    I totally want to try this! Do you buy your sesame seeds at Whole Foods or Smith’s bulk bins or somewhere else? I’ve never bought them before :)

  21. colossalgarbage

    I guess I’m fortunate to live near a store where I can purchase 2lbs of tahini for $4, but it’s always good to have a backup plan! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  22. Wow! I don’t know why I never thought about making tahini before! I guess it’s because I still *strangely* haven’t invested in a food processor as of yet. I think it’s about time I push the button *literally* Could you make a recommendation on the model to get? I’ve been putting off the decision because I don’t know if I should get the Cusineart Elite series or the standard model.

    Thank you so much!

    • If you can afford it, splurge and get the elite model. I only recommend cuisinart, I’ve had mine for nearly 10 years and it still runs like brand new,mine is the standard and I do wish I had the cup capacity of the elite.

  23. making food products home-made is always better but I don’t like tahini at all! :(

    • Oh girl, I didn’t use to like it either, but I think that’s because all I had tried was the nasty stale stuff from a can. You might love the fresh variety. So much different!

  24. What perfect timing! I was just at the grocery store last night and wanted to purchase tahini, but they were all out. I always hate spending the $9 that it costs for a jar, but this is a big hummus house. We need it! :) Now I can go back to the bulk bin today and pick up sesame seeds instead.

    I tried making my own once before, but I didn’t toast them and I used black sesame seeds. Do you know what does NOT look appealing in hummus? Black tahini. Gray hummus? Not good. :)

  25. Oh this is perfect! One of my friends and I was trying to make homemade tahini this week without a recipe and it didn’t go so well. I’m so excited to try again with this info! Thanks for sharing!

  26. that looks ridiculously easy.. i dont know why i havent made any at home..maybe coz we dont use so much between 2 people:) i threw out my food processor.. so i will have to blendtec it!

    • So easy. Sarah at Gazing in says she uses her vitamix to make this, anytime I’ve tried to make nut butter in my blendtec, the blades just stop. I should give it a go because it would probably be much quicker.

      • you should return it then.. it is supposed to blend everything right:) did you get a new jar? blendtec was giving away a new jar new blade coz they won a lawsuit against vitamix.

        • The model I bought came with 2 jars, the wild side (bigger) and the traditional sized one. I know they also sell a mini jar attachment especially for nut and seed butters but I didn’t want to shell out an extra 100 bucks for it when I all ready have a super good quality food processor. Where did you find out about the free jar and blade, I would love a 3rd jar! (My blendtec count is up to 889 and I’ve had it for less than a year) So I use both jars at least once a day. LOVE IT.

  27. Wow, never knew it was so easy to make tahini. Do you buy sesame seeds in bulk? I can only find small jars in my grocery store and they seem expensive? Anywho, this looks great. Another reason I need a food processor.

  28. I am SO doing this. I love that just about everything about a plant-based diet can be done at home with a little free time and a kitchen slave or two.

  29. biggsis

    You’ve done it again! You know how I love cheap DIY versions. Thanks!

  30. You rule! I am just about out of my store bought can and feel some hummus making coming on. Awesome. Thanks Somer.

  31. I so need to do this – I never knew it was so easy!

  32. I always make raw tahini- I never thought to toast the sesame seeds! Sounds (and looks) delicious! :-)

  33. BlueKarma

    I’m late to the party, but I wanted to add that I have been doing this for years (I do add a tablespoon of olive oil to my tahini and no salt). My tip is to make hummus right after you make your tahini. You can never get all the tahini out of the food processor, so it’s a win-win and a single clean-up!

    Thanks for all your recipes – I’ll be starting your smoothie challenge next week. I am one of the unfortunates who got the flu, so I haven’t been able to go to the grocery in two weeks. I’ll stock up tomorrow and get started.

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