It’s GO TIME, Who’s with me?


Have you heard that people often gain 5-10 pounds over the holidays? Well, I’m embarrassed to say I’m part of that club this season. A lot of sitting around and eating vegan convenience foods, sleep deprivation due to illness, too much Holiday FeastingVegan Chocolate and not enough movement are all part of the problem. The solution?


The Vedged Out 2013 Green Smoothie Challenge

Go ahead, click on the link above. It’s the new and improved printable plan. You’re Welome ;)

I’d love you to join me. You can safely lose up to 5-10 lbs in one week if you follow the plan. It’s been tested by dozens of friends and family members. Those that need to lose more can continue the plan for as long as they want. I’ll be starting on Monday and documenting the Challenge through the week. No starving or calorie counting involved. And no, it’s not just smoothies. I’ll talk to you on Monday, my skinny jeans are waiting for me…


all photos in this post courtesy of Annie at An Unrefined Vegan

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103 responses to “It’s GO TIME, Who’s with me?

  1. Happy to say I haven’t gained any weight over the holiday season (amybe because it’s summer here and the temptation to stodge out isn’t so great), but I think your plan rocks and I’ll definitely use it if I need to shake some weight off in the future.

  2. I’m in too! I didn’t gain weight over Xmas but I have a stubborn couple of kilos (4 pounds?) of ‘post-baby’ weight that I would like to shift (before my son turns one!). I always have a green smoothie for breakfast, so I’m looking forward to upping the green smoothie magic! And the exercise…I’m looking forward to that too. Sort of…

  3. What a great idea Somer, you are such an inspiration :-)

    • Catherine, I did this 3 times last year. It’s a nice cleanse and helps me reboot my body into eating as cleanly as possible. I also don’t starve when I do it, which is fantastic. This is just the latest and greatest version :) I appreciate all you’ve done with sharing it. Record number of hits on the blog this morning!

  4. I think I might be in. How is that for commitment? I did Ani’s Fat Blast last summer and really miss that good food. This looks manageable to me. I am loving your great blog, Somer.

  5. Reblogged this on Healthy Cancer Chick and commented:
    If shedding those holiday pounds is part of your New Year’s resolution, fellow blogger Somer can have you slim (in a healthy way) in no time.

  6. Reblogged this on Almost Raw Vegan and commented:
    Wow, now here’s a great Green Smoothie Challenge shared by Somer from!! She has created an amazing program that includes a menu, recipes and the whole bit for a week that will help you shed 5-10lbs!! If you are ready for a Green Smoothie Challenge, this is the one to take!! Enjoy!! Hmm… perhaps I should also hop on board after my 12-Day Clean(er) Eating Program? Hmmm xoxox

  7. What a great plan! I can’t commit to the plan in full right now, but I’m definitely with you in trying to lose that little bit of holiday weight and getting into proper portions again. Good luck Somer!

  8. Love green smoothies! But I soooo don’t need to lose weight. Going vegan has put me back to 115 lbs soaking wet — my 20-yrs-ago getting married weight! That, and the greens are too delicious in the winter. I can’t keep any extra to juice or pulverize. They’re all going into our salads or sauteed for some warm-tummy-yummy. I’m about to start up playing league tennis again which means I will be shoving empty calories in my face whenever possible just to keep from blowing away. I know. Don’t hate me. :)

    PS — I forwarded your post email to some people. The green smoothie diet has so many health benefits, not just for shedding fat.

  9. Our festival season was August to November and that coupled with a bunch of buffet meals and no daily walking made me gain weight then. I’ve started with walking again today and your green smoothie challenge sounds like a great idea to being fit again! I’m hoping I have the discipline to try it out at least for a while. It’ll do my hubby a lot of good too methinks.

    • Can’t wait to see what you think of this! So done with overindulging! Excited to do the guest post in February. Still trying to come up with something fabulous! xx

  10. First time here how do i get recipe for the green smoothie.

    • Dave, Click on the link that says: The Vedged Out 2013 Green Smoothie Challenge

      It will take you to the printable program for the Green Smoothie Challenge. Glad you’re here!

  11. I didn’t weigh myself but I can’t imagine I didn’t gain weight over the holidays too. I’m on day 4 of my yearly January cleanse though. And every morning starts with green juice, then massive quantities of green smoothies. Then fruit and salad the rest of the day and either a raw vegan meal for dinner or some quinoa, a sweet potato or homemade veggie soup for dinner. That’s it for me for the whole month.

    • Sounds a lot like the green smoothie challenge. Awesome that you eat so cleanly! I’m trying to boost my immunity, so I’ll be doing this for longer than a week.

  12. Can I be the first to admit I’m not in love with smoothies? I make them for my family and have them occasionally but I usually have them stolen by my kids.

    • Haha! I adore them, but that’s mostly because it helps me meet my greens quota for the day. This isn’t just about smoothies though :) You should check it out and you could always just eat the greens and fruit instead of putting them in a smoothie :)

  13. You must have read my mind! I have been thinking today that I needed to do something serious as I have watched the scale inch up lately. :P I was thinking salads, green smoothies, and such. This is just right. :) Now…about that hour of cardio a day……………um…..yeah…..

    • The hour of cardio is not just good for weight loss, it’s good for your heart, your bones, your mood and more ;). I would love if you joined me for this challenge. The more people doing it, the more we can support each other. Invite a friend and it’s SO much easier!

  14. Fortunately, I didn’t gain any weight and if I lost any, it would be a problem. I’ll look at the recipes, though, as a good smoothie is always welcome.

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday season, Somer. Haven’t seen you around much.

    • Good for you! You can do this as a cleanse without any weight loss if you add grains, nuts, seeds and avocado. It’s about getting back to cleaner eating :) But you’re probably all ready there! I’ll stop by and say hello! Blogging has become like a part time job so I’m not reading other blogs as much as I ought. Thanks for stopping in!

  15. Eliora McCowan

    I’m with you. I gained about 7 pounds. No biggie, but either way the challenge will replenish any lack of calcium, vit C and magnezium etc., that my body needs to fight off any bugs. Thanks Somer!

  16. I am IN! I actually didn’t gain over the holidays, I stayed stable, but I am 75 pounds overweight. I lost 25 pounds last year when I adopted a plant-based diet, now to tackle the rest!

  17. I have been back with my trainer at the gym for 6 weeks or so now – and can feel a huge difference in strength. He is helping me get my shoulder/back strength back for backpacking. We are also working on my abs (less back pain) as I had the separation in my ab wall during both of my last 2 pregnancies. But, when I start doing strength training I gain weight at first. Ah well! It’ll even out and then go down. As long as my jeans fit I am OK. For me exercise is everything. Staying motivated isn’t easy, but knowing I have to be there at “x” time 2x a week means I show up. And lord though, I ate too much pie over the holidays :-P

    • Dang that pie!

      Exercise really does make a HUGE difference, but sometimes I just need the KAPOW that only diet and exercise combined can give :)

      I’m totally jealous of you having a trainer (minus the sweaty stinky men at the gym) ;)

  18. i love that plan!! i gained about 5 lbs.. and probably lost 1 already.. but i need those lbs.. so i am trying to keep them there:)) and my tummy just doesnt do well with smoothies. all the best to everyone who is joining you! :))
    i couldnt find the blendtec giveaway i think it was about a month back and they reached their giveaway count.

    • Yes, you tiny girls need not apply for this challenge :) Sorry your tummy doesn’t do well with smoothies. It’s a lot of fiber so some people need to ease into it, but I know that you eat extremely healthily Richa! No worries about blendtec, with 2 jars I don’t really need a 3rd :)

  19. Green smoothies rock!! I honestly think they saved my life :-)
    Great plan!!

    • Your green smoothies are so incredibly creative! I could learn a thing or two from you! :) So much good stuff, don’t know what we’d do without them!

  20. Vibrant Bean

    I love this Somer! I have set out to gain some mental clarity in January with no alcohol and a clean diet. It’s pretty much the usual stuff, but trying to stay extra clean, and practice daily meditation and yoga. I was looking for a cleanse and then I read this post. It’s strict clean eating, and I think it would help me. Count me in!

    • Yes!!! I’m loving all positive response! I would love you to be on board with me, this is definitely the challenge for you! WOOHOO! Thanks Vibrant Bean!

  21. ohlidia

    I’m with ypu girlfriend! Although I haven’t gained any weight, I do feel pretty yucky and sluggish physically. Can’t wai!

  22. So Crazy! I started my Juice/Soup Cleanse this morning, I am taking a look at your master plan to see where I can incorporate some elements into mine- YAY so excited the timing on this was perfect, I think I will need to extend my cleanse a bit longer so I can test out a full day of your Master plan :)

  23. Posting this on my sidebar. I know everyone will love those recipes and the way you set up the plan! Great job :)

  24. biggsis

    You go Girl! We started our day with a kale smoothie. I know you don’t need luck cause you got this covered.

  25. This challenge sounds great! Looks like you’ve covered everything! I won’t be joining at the moment but I will be making use of some of those recipes. They all sound amazing and the green smoothie recipes should be a big help in my goal of having a smoothie each day!
    I made the Razzleberry Lemonade smoothie for lunch today and it was great!

  26. Bernadette Mosley

    I’m in writing my shopping list tonight and going to the market tomorrow. I’m so excited I enlisted two people from my job as well. Thanks so much for leading us. You’re awesome.

  27. Just came back from a 6 mile run and was looking for some green smoothies on Pinterest and holy moly look where it led me, I’m glad to be back to the blog scene and to find these great recipes here. Happy New Year Somer. Major hugs. Are you training for anything? Will share these.

    • Just scheduled a half Marathon for the end of April! Woot! Wouldn’t it be fun to run a race together? You wouldn’t want to fly in to run Ragnar with me this summer??? Miss you girl! Glad you stumbled across this! Happy New Years to you too! How’s your parents? xx

  28. afracooking

    Just had my first green smoothie of the year! Thanks for the inspiration!

  29. Big, bloated, slow. That’s me right now. Smoothie on the lunch menu. AND you’ve inspired me to consider trying to start running again.

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  31. I would like to join, too! I love your recipes! I haven’t weighed myself because I’m a little nervous. I’ve been in living in “stretchy” workout clothing since the beginning of the holidays and not doing much of a workout (other than some mean toboganning!). Looking forward to it – love this idea!

  32. Love this Somer! After I get through this last weekend of party carry over…I am hosting a party this weekend..I am going to have a luck and I might just join you :) Love it, and thanks for the push!

    • You probably don’t need this you eat so well. I had a few weeks of hell with sick kids and ate really poorly because I couldn’t prepare meals like I normally do. I was ready for an overhaul. You’re the best Shira!

  33. Great idea Somer! I definitely don’t want to lose weight so it’s not for me, strangely enough I lost 3 lbs during the holidays. I always stress so much prepping for guests that the anxiety makes me lose weight, lol! I will tell my friends though that want to lose weigh about it! :)

    • Funny how stress does different things to different people. I’m definitely in the gain camp when it comes to stress, though I wish I was in your group. Blast…. ;) Thanks for your support Brandi! xx

  34. Okay. I’m in. I’m making a few small changes, but I like your plan. I am looking forward to the support! Thanks Somer!

  35. I have 1 thing that I can’t give up Somer…my cup of tea in the morning. If I go to no caffeine I get a monster headache for 3 days that is going to kill me. I will do everything else bar that. By the way “The Healthy Flavour”…I have your 3lb that wafted onto my thighs on the breeze, if you would like them back you are welcome to them! ;)

    • If you must have tea, do it, I wouldn’t want you to die of caffeine withdrawals ;) xx

      • Make that die in terrible heaving fits of caffeine withdrawal ;). Its my one true vice and I have been drinking tea since I was 2 years old, so you can imagine the state of my tanin laced intestines ;). I have given it up before several times but years after doing so I still remember those headaches…maybe I am using them as an excuse to not give tea up but you know what? I don’t remember the pain of childbirth (3 times…) I just remember those headaches! ;)

        • I hear you. I used to get migraines often before I went veg (still do if I don’t eat well, get enough sleep and stress out too much) I don’t wish them on anyone. I’m right behind you!

          • I think I am a day late with starting the juice thing-a-ma-hoozits (I don’t do diets…) but better late than never eh? ;). Lots of fresh greens from our veggie garden at the moment to put into them (and salads and soups) including copious quantities of spinach, silverbeet (rainbow chard) and beet leaves along with pea shoots, lettuce and perennial spinach (climbing) so I shouldn’t have any problems sourcing greens. I love the soups included by the way, delish! I have a gorgeous bright orange pumpkin put aside for that pumpkin soup that Steve bought me yesterday so wish me luck!

  36. Oh Somer this is brilliant!! I will pass this on to a couple of my friends who were planning to do those awful diet shakes for a week! Not on my watch! :-) This is so easy to follow and I’ll definitely be jumping on it myself and getting some of that pre-holiday sparkle back. :-)

    • BEX! We’ve single handedly got to stop those diet shakes and the paleo freaks! You always sparkle, but I’m really proud to have you on my side! xx I’m really behind on blog reading but can’t wait to catch up with you once I’m done with the challenge!

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  39. I’ve been so busy knitting, I missed this post. I would have totally been down for this too, cuz the recipes look so good! I think I may try this soon. Good luck!

    • Get on board baby! I’d love to have you doing it with me. I’ll probably keep going after one week. I need the immune BOOST! xx p.s. I heart your new sweater!

  40. Such a great idea, Somer! I love your passion! xo

  41. Hi Somer! I just found this via a friend on facebook, and it looks great! I write a “culinary adventures” article for a local magazine in Norman, Oklahoma; I was wondering if I could focus on you and this awesome green smoothie challenge? I’ll be starting this Sunday (in two days) so I’ll be able to write about how well it worked on myself. I would put in your website, name, some great info about your site, etc. Would that be okay or would you rather me not? Thanks in advance! || Kelli

    • Kelli! I’d be thrilled to have you share it! I’d even allow you to share a few of the recipes if you like as long as you give credit back to me :) If you go to my home page and scroll through, you’ll find many more recipes approved for the challenge! Super cool! Good luck!

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  44. Berneda

    Hi Somer. I just discovered your 2013 green smoothie challenge. Would love to do it. What happens after the week is over? How much more calories to add back in, etc.? Thank you.

    • Berneda, I’m not into counting calories. But I would suggest never restricting below 1400-1600 calories depending on your height and weight. 1200 calorie diets in the long term cause problems.

      I recommend people stick with exercise and healthy eating after the plan as well. One week may cause you to lose weight, but you can put it all back on quite quickly if you make poor eating choices.

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