Vedged Out 2013 Green Smoothie Challenge Day 3

Tropical Colada Smoothie

Breakfast: Tropical Colada Green Smoothie

Okay, the Tropical Colada Smoothie is the BEST one yet. SO delicious! Drinking this doesn’t feel like a diet, at all!

Thanks everyone for helping to make this a success, the Vedged Out 2013 Green Smoothie Printable Plan has been viewed by more than 6,000 readers all around the world since Friday. If you want to join us, you can find all the recipes at that link.

Favorite Comments So Far:

“Thank you Somer for posting your treadmill photo to encourage me. and thank you Erika for teaching me that the first two miles are the hardest. First two miles in two years. And I didn’t stop once. (there is a huge grin on my face right right now and I’m going to hurt tomorrow.”

“Everything I’ve made tastes so good!”

“Your food looks so delicious!”

I’m down 6.8lbs, 4.2 lbs, 3 lbs….(various readers)”

“Just made my Berry Breakfast Shake- Thanks for this Challenge!”

“My refrigerator is stocked with the most glorious produce! I even got my kids to eat more vegetables.”

“Can I pay you to prep my meals?”

Goddess SaladLunch Today: Goddess Salad with 5 cups torn romaine, artichoke hearts, cucumber, carrot, kidney beans and oil free Goddess Dressing.

Today’s exercise is one hour of stairs. Nope, not on the stair stepper. I have a 15 step flight in my own home. Up and down over and over again. Wish my quads luck. And yes, my dog joins me :)

Mango madnessMango Madness, pure yummy afternoon snack

I’ll be doing steamed oriental veggies for snackage today and sprinkling them with a bit of Bragg’s liquid aminos. Unsweetened herbal tea is keeping me warm throughout the day.

cozy-roasted-butternut2Can’t wait for the Cozy Roasted Butternut Soup tonight, and yes, that’s Tahini Cream on top.

All recipes in this post can be found here.

Rock on, I’ll see you tomorrow.


Stats for today:



under 1,400


under 245 g
237 g 72%x


under 53 g
42 g 13%x


under 23 g
22 g 15%x


over 8 glasses
8-3/5 glassesx

Dietary Fiber

over 25 g
55 gx

Saturated Fat

under 16 g
4 gx

Trans Fat

under 2 g
0 gx


under 300 mg
0 mgx


under 1,500 mg


under 100 g
102 gx

Vitamin A

over 2,333 IU
31593 IUx

Vitamin C

over 75 mg
532 mgx


over 1,000 mg
1294 mgx


over 18 mg
20 mgx

Click here to view Day 4 of the Challenge.

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40 responses to “Vedged Out 2013 Green Smoothie Challenge Day 3

  1. Had the Spotted Peach smoothie for breakfast…Looking forward to a giant, veggie-rich salad for lunch topped w/ Goddess dressing; don’t forget the hummus and crunchy veggies…Dinner will be butternut soup.

    • Oh man, that goddess dressing. I just took your namesake dressing and read the label and took the oil out to make this version. BAM! In love! Yay for Butternut Soup! I might do spotted peach tomorrow!

  2. I love that you are sharing your wealth of knowledge about health with so many people. It does my heart good to see people so willing to give freely of themselves knowing how much they get back from doing so.Keep rawkin it out!! :)

  3. Stairs are wicked and good for ya! ;-) I did them yesterday….and I am feeling it :-D

    • Oh yeah baby.
      p.s. I’m not ignoring you. I’m trying to stay away from other blogs this week so that I don’t freak out with temptation! Still love you, I’ll catch up next week, promise!

  4. Hi Somer looks very good, but is this all you have for the day ? Is it a diet thing ? Or a body flush diet ??? Thanks

  5. Hi Somer. I’m feeling better. Yahoo!! I will start the cardio tomorrow and continue for seven more days. I love the image of you on the stairs with your dog!

    • Woot! Glad you kicked that bug to the curb. I’ll probably still be at it too! My dog loves running with me. Too much ice and snow outside for us to run comfortably. I need to teach him to run on the treadmill ;)

  6. Oh boy, that Tropical Colada Smoothie sounds awesome. Can’t wait to try :) Thanks

  7. Wow is all I can say!!! I am sure you feel amazing :-)

  8. Eliora McCowan

    I LOVE the Spinach pineapple colada. I am definately happy to be doing this “health quest”. It’s been fun- thanks girl.

  9. Today is day one for me. Was craving butternut squash soup…might make that tomorrow. Wish me luck!

  10. Barbara

    Have to let you know I made your Roasted Butternut Soup today and it was out of this world!!! I used fresh thyme (cause I had some) and it didn’t need a smidge of salt! VERY TASTY! Best Butternut Squash Soup I’ve ever had…

  11. Mandi

    I’m unable to do the detox fully this week….but, I did print it off and will go full force when I know I can give it a full week. I have tried some of the smoothies, though. Delicious!!!

  12. I made the butternut squash soup for lunches this week. So good! Thank you for this plan and the recipes.

  13. Somer, thank you SO much for this incredible plan! I am having so much fun with the salad combinations, loving the soups, and going through greens like crazy with all these smoothies. It is great to see how it is possible to keep meals simple while getting so many nutrients and eating such a large volume. I am one who prefers lots of small meals to a few large ones, so this works well for me. Plus, I love hummus beyond reason, so a meal plan featuring hummus so prominently is totally up my alley!

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  15. The Tropical Colada Green Smoothie is AWESOME!

  16. Stacey

    My vitamix arrives on Monday, I’ll start this on Tuesday. I’ve never done a cleanse/detox before but all your recipes look so yummy, I “have” to try it. I made the butternut squash soup yesterday, but used to much broth. It was thinner than I like my soups, till I realized I can put it in my thermos, and it will make a perfect lunch at work.

    • I made the butternut soup yesterday too and it was too thin. The original recipe was based on a large butternut. I used a medium one yesterday and it was too much broth as well. I cooked it down til it was thicker, but I’ve updated the printable challenge with less liquid for a smaller butternut :) It would be perfect for a thermos though!

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  18. Congrats for having more then 6,000 readers for the challenge plan! I printed it out too! Because of you, I now challenge my smoothis every day! You will make my smoothies more greener! :) The mango madness & green colada smoothies look outragesly tasty!! I love your posts about this!

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  22. Ever since I tried my first green smoothie, I’m definitely a convert! Your mango madness smoothie looks just delish! – Niki x

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