Vedged Out 2013 Green Smoothie Challenge Synopsis

somer655x344-running-1¬†Unfortunately I’ve had to learn the hard way, but I know a thing or two about weight loss.

Favorite SmoothiesFavorite Smoothies: Apple Pie, Tropical Colada, Green Julius, Razzleberry Lemonade, Chocolate Covered Blues.

After Holiday overindulgence, I lost 5.1 pounds in one week on the Green Smoothie Challenge. Pretty fantastic considering I wasn’t ever hungry. Others did awesome as well.

Eli 5 lbs, Anna 8 lbs, Erika 5 lbs, Birgit 4 lbs (with cheats!), Aleese 5 lbs, Jacob 6 lbs, Donna 3 lbs (without exercising) Fran 5 lbs, Larry 12 lbs the first week. He’s still going and has lost over 16 lbs in less than 3 weeks.

These are only some of the results I’m aware of.

Favorite SaladsFavorite Salads: Lentil Tacos, Greek with Tofu Feta and Balsamic Vinaigrette, Goddess Salad, Cauliflower Tabbouleh Wraps, Black Bean Salad with Vegan Ranch.

Something amazing happens when you exercise every day and eat completely clean and plant based. Most people simply aren’t used to consuming this many vegetables and this much fiber. Some would say weight loss happens on this plan because of all the negative calorie foods. I’m not exactly sure how it works, but I call it awesome. I entered all my information to a nutrition and fitness tracker for the week. The nutrition stats behind the tracking program says I shouldn’t have been able to lose more than a couple of pounds. But my body knew better.

The best part is that this is a safe weight loss method. You get every single bit of nutrition you need from the approved foods and none that you don’t.

Favorite SoupsFavorite Soups: Moroccan Lentil Soup, Vegan Hot and Sour Soup, Cozy Roasted Butternut Soup, Abe’s Hearty Lentil Soup, Cheezy Smoky Spicy Black Bean Soup.

Thanks for following along, even if you didn’t join the challenge. For those of you who have a significant amount of weight to lose, this plan can be followed until you reach your goal.


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71 responses to “Vedged Out 2013 Green Smoothie Challenge Synopsis

  1. Thank you, Somer! It was super fun and delicious. I am going to do it again this spring.

    • Hey I’d love to share your final results too if you’re interested. I took a break because my parents came to visit, but restocking at the store tomorrow! :)

      • My darn cold outlasted your challenge, so the exercise actually didn’t start happening until this week. I started playing soccer again!! Yahoo! I didn’t get a starting weight, but I did weigh myself at one point and was down about 6 from the last time I had weighed myself. I know some was from your challenge and some was from the week before. Doing the challenge was great. There was plenty of food, but I didn’t overeat. I love the feeling of being satisfied but not full.

  2. I really can’t believe that’s actually you in the before photo… Truly an inspiration! Are you preparing different things for your family when you follow this challenge, and if so, do you want to eat all of what they are eating? :-) Even the beautiful bread in your photos would tempt me!

    • I’ve had people ask if that thing’s photoshopped. I wish! My kids have the smoothies with cereal or oats in the morning, then they have fresh fruit and veg throughout the day and a PB&J or salad sandwich for lunch and soups for dinner like us. I try to keep it simple during the challenge so I’m not tempted to cheat. I admit I really really wanted the PB&J one day ;)

  3. I lost 1.7 kilograms (3.7 lbs) in my week on the challenge (that’s all I really wanted/needed to lose – gained weight from Christmas time). I loved having smoothies twice a day so much that I have continued with it, and think this may become my regular routine :) I also feel this was a great way to start the year – now I am feeling much more health conscious and determined to be as healthy as possible this year. Thank you!

  4. I want to do this with everyone next time around. I have 5 extra pounds I have been trying to shred/shed for two years.

    • Kittee, my anniversary is this weekend so I’ll be dining out, but I’m starting again on Monday if you wanna join me. Did I mention the challenge is gluten free? :) xx

  5. I lost about four pounds, then started back into the chocolate, gained some back. Yesterday, I started back on a combination of Ani’s and your recipes. No chocolate yesterday except 3 teeny, tiny cocao nibs from Trader Joe’s.

  6. Every smoothie was my favourite! Even after the challenge your smoothie recipes are my go to breakfast!

  7. You are so amazing and inspiring Somer! I have passed this plan along to a few friends looking to start clean eating and I thought your plan would be prefect for them :)

    • You are a sweetheart! How is the budget grocery shopping going?!? I guess I would find out if I actually visited my reader! Life’s been crazy! I’ll check in on you soon!

  8. I know I’m not the only one to have continued a modified version of the Challenge – it feels too good to stop! Kel and I have at least one green smoothie each day and a giant, veggie-filled salad for dinner.

  9. Amazing Somer! I bet you are feeling fantastic! Congrats to all who took part!

  10. Congratulations everyone! I’ve passed your plan on to some of my family members. Definitely your Moroccan Lentil Soup is our favourite!

  11. erika

    You rock. Just saying.

  12. How awesome!! I love all of those salads, smoothies and all your meals. the only challenge i would have is staying away from bread.. but maybe i can manage. when i need to .. which i dont right now ;) back to bread.:)

    • You have no idea how hard it is for me NOT to eat bread. I baked bread every day for a week after the challenge. Now I’m back on because I felt so great while I was doing it and the bread cravings are as hardcore as ever!

  13. This is so safe that I am eating it full time now. I have a green smoothie for breakfast, salad or hummus with an enormous pile of veggies for lunch and a large bowl of lentil or bean soup with added steamed veggies for my evening meal. I feel amazing, I have continued to lose weight and more importantly, my legs, my stubborn to lose weight from area, are actually losing weight and I can fit in jeans I haven’t fit into for 10 years. I didn’t even start this for weight loss…I started it because I wanted to feel healthy. My dicky knee that is still stiff but doesn’t hurt any more and has allowed me to walk the dog every day with ease…I even ran the other day (albeit a very short run around the house after the dog) without suffering the knee swelling that normally accompanies anything strenuous like that…this plan really works. Anyone who is contemplating it, just do it. You are never and I mean NEVER hungry…you have such choice, you are able to customise it out the wazoo…I undertook this challenge when everyone else was in the dead of winter and I was in mid summer here…it didn’t matter, completely customisable and emminently adaptable to your lifestyle, your food choices and your desired outcome. I think you might have to write a book for this one Somer, you have certainly changed a few lives around here and I thank you from the bottom of my now thinner legged heart (the heart bone’s connected to the thigh bone…well it IS HERE IN AUSTRALIA! ;) )…JUST DO IT FOLKS! You will never regret it :)

    • swagner10

      WTG!!! That’s awesome that your body is feeling so much better just because of your diet! Plants do amazing things!

    • Fran! Your review is so glowing! I really appreciate it! It’s such a great plan and so easy to customize and once you get the hang of it you can create your own additional smoothies, soups salads etc. It is totally something that can be done as a lifestyle of eating. So many congratulations to you on your continued weight loss. Really proud of you girl!

      • All down to the ease of this plan Somer…it’s just so easy to lose weight, get healthy and feel great. Can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner! Cheers :)

    • Now that is a review that gets me – the “lose the stubborn lower body weight” plan is exactly what I need. Those extra 10 or so lbs. on the butt and thighs that don’t make you look too overweight but are enough to hinder the great-clothes-look and feel less than comfortable :-)

      • It certainly worked for “Ole Pear Woman” me! I haven’t been able to lose stubborn fat off my hips, derierre and especially my thighs…I can almost look anorexic but maintain those cherubic thighs that cause me to stress out whenever the word “shorts” is mentioned (let alone bathing suit…that brings on a full hyperventilation attack!)…this plan I have lost weight all over my body evenly. I usually end up with no boobs first…this time I still have them! This plant works, it fills you up, it is customisable AND it reduces body weight all over! What’s not to love?

  14. It is amazing -you are amazing Somer!!! Imagine the transformation you went through!!

    • Haha, it was a really long, tough road, but a battle worth fighting. I had family members recommend gastric bypass or other surgery to help with the weight loss. But the old fashioned way really is the best way.

  15. Congrats on a successful challenge! You are an inspiration, Somer! xo

  16. Most times the hard way is the best way. It will stay with you.

  17. Congrats to you and the others! Indeed a kick start now that we’re settled in our new place. The last three weeks we’ve been survival eating and are just getting back into the swing of meal planning and eating better again.

    • Oh man, what else can you do when you’ve just moved? Survival eating is what it takes. You’ll get right back into things. Everything you make always sounds so healthy and delicious.

      • I don’t know that it’s always healthy.. :) During our move, we ate a lot of leftovers that people had brought by the day of the move. Once I finally got around to cooking an actual meal, the small kid said that she was so happy to have a mom cooked meal that she ate all of her green beans. Gotta love it.

  18. I fell off the wagon after the first week, but i am doing it again this week because it did work great!

  19. Hey Somer!
    First off, I want to thank you for creating that printable plan this year — it lays everything out so well!
    Secondly, I just read that you are starting it again tomorrow which makes me so happy because I’m going to start it tomorrow as well!! I tried to do it a few months ago but only lasted a couple of days. But with your incredible plan and so many delicious soup and smoothie recipes to try, I really think I can do it this time. I’m aiming to make it 7 days and hopefully go all the way to 10 if I can. You are a genius for coming up with this plan!
    I was just curious, do you find that once your time on the challenge is over, the weight creeps back on? I know that can happen with some detoxes and whatnot but I’m hoping since this is such a well-balanced and healthy plan that won’t happen. What has been your experience?
    I’m so excited to get started!!

    • Thanks for all your kind words, the truth is that with any weight loss, detox or other sort of plan is that weight gain can or will come right back if you adopt negative eating habits directly after your cleanse. To make any weight loss permanent, your diet should be really clean. Not saying you have to continue with the smoothie challenge, but if you do the smoothie challenge then just eat chips and cookies and fried foods afterwards, certainly any weight loss will be regained. I’ve found that I can resume my normal diet though and keep the weight off. If I overindulge or eat poorly, the weight creeps back on. Does that make sense? Hope that helps. Exercise is a huge part of this as well as it helps the body detox and flush all the fat. If you continue exercising after the challenge, you’ll be more likely to sustain the weight loss.

  20. My friend Jamie and I are going to do this, starting next Saturday… I’m really excited! My only worry is that I’ve had serious issues w/ bananas in the past. It’s been a while since I’ve tried to eat them though, so maybe it’ll be okay. I’m going to try eating a little bit of one today and see if I have any symptoms. Wish me luck!

    • Issues with Bananas!?! You poor creature. What happens when you eat them? If you can’t do bananas, I would just add another cup of whatever fruit your using in the smoothie. Banana makes the smoothies more creamy, but it certainly wouldn’t be the end of the world not to use them.

      • When I eat them if feels like I’m trying to digest an old leather boot. A BIG ONE! It’s the saddest thing, I used to love bananas! And they really do make smoothies better. My local grocery only had green bananas, so I’m going to wait until tomorrow to have my “trial run” with them, but you’re right- if I can’t eat them, I’ll just have less creamy smoothies!

  21. Amalie

    I did the plan a couple of weeks ago and loved it. I didn’t feel deprived, had more energy and felt great. Your recipes are awesome and I love the way the plan is laid out. I decided to continue with the detox again (split pea soup is bubbling away on the stove) and I was hoping since you’re starting the plan again you would be posting more recipes. (and hopefully daily updates:)

  22. Just stopping in to wish you well. Got myself a mini-Ninja, perfect for a quick and easy smoothie treatie-treat (a/k/a brekkie). Miss you, woman. Busy days these days.

  23. Vibrant Bean

    Somer this was awesome. I loosely followed, just to stick to healthy eating. Felt AMAZING. I just convinced 2 of my brothers to try it. Thanks for all your posting and good work!

  24. Somer, I lost 6.5 pounds that week on the Challenge and another 2.5 since, for a total 9 pounds so far!!! I still need to lose about 70 more. I have decided to do a modified version, on one week and off the next, so I don’t go crazy craving grains! I’m having a green smoothie & giant salad everyday, on OR off, and I feel so much better! The hardest part for me is doing an hour of cardio every day, due to severe arthritis in my knees and hips. (Another reason to get this weight off!) Thank you for the inspiration, Somer, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

    Here’s a smoothie recipe I came up with for the Challenge, The Ginger-Pear: 1 ripe pear, 1 frozen banana, 1 Cara Cara orange, a 1 inch piece fresh ginger, 2 cups greens of choice, 1 cup non-dairy milk, 1 cup water, stevia to taste. I don’t use ice, but you can add ice if you like.

    • Terri, that’s fantastic! I love your smoothie recipe, definitely going to try it! One thing that could help you stay on the challenge without the hard grain cravings is to halve your morning smoothie and have a small bowl of oatmeal. You could also add a 1/2 C. serving of brown rice to dinner or lunch. Grains aren’t bad! I just omitted them from the challenge for maximum weight loss benefit. I think if you plan to use the challenge as a template for long term eating, it only makes sense to add some grains back in. Super proud of you girl! xx

    • p.s. a recumbant bike might be a good way to get your cardio if you have access to one, it shouldn’t stress your knees or hips as much as other recipes do. I think that if you keep eating so cleanly, you may notice a reduction in your arthritis pain as well. Best of luck my friend.

  25. Mr. Omni and I just finished a full week of your smoothie challenge. I lost 4 pounds, he lost 9. I was really proud of him sticking to it. He said “why don’t we keep going with the vegan thing – maybe with mixing in some of these smoothie/salad/soup days.” I just about fell over. I’ve been vegetarian for 20 years (still eating dairy, working on that). I know he won’t go full-blown veg, but I would be thrilled with 80%.
    Thank you again for sharing the plan with us all!

    • These are seriously the type of comments that make every tedious hour of blogging into the night in the hopes of bettering someone’s life all worth it. Fantastic results. I’m so SO proud of you and your spouse. It was my dream that some omni would take hold of this and make significant lifestyle changes. Thank you so much for sharing with me. I’ll be bringing more on the challenge in the future. xx

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  27. Sara

    i just stumbled onto your blog and am starting my own 7 ( more longer) day green smoothie challenge. I didn’t gain weight over the holidays, but I sure did once school started back up. I want to lose at least 10 lbs., so if the first week goes well, i’ll just keep it going until I reach my goal. Thank you for the awesome and very doable challenge. It came at the perfect time!

  28. I am so going to try this out! I have one question as far as reincorporating the foods you omit when you do the smoothie cleanse- how do you bring in the fats (avocados, nuts, etc) in without shocking your body?

    • You are still getting fats from flax, chia and nuts or seeds in the dressings, adding wholesome fats like avocado after the challenge shouldn’t be a problem

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