Vegan Cream of Mushroom Soup

Vegan Cream of Mushroom Soup

I’ve been holding out on you and making this soup OFTEN for months and months. It requires almost no effort and is incredibly delicious. If you whisk 1/4 C. of flour into the veggie stock before adding it to the pot, you’ve got the best gravy on earth (just ask my Thanksgiving guests).

I thought this would be perfect to do for my guest post today for Vegan Richa. Imagine my horror last night when we were messaging back and forth about the post and I realized that Richa. Doesn’t. Really. Like. Mushrooms. EPIC FAIL. So Sorry girl!

If you love mushrooms, you’re going to have to head on over to Richa’s place to nab the recipe:


I hope you’ll read her poignant “about” page and get to know her a little better. Love to you Richa, I promise if you ask me to guest post again, I’ll make a dessert. xx -Somer



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47 responses to “Vegan Cream of Mushroom Soup

  1. :D no worries about them mushrooms. i like them in small quantities here and there.
    Thanks for the guest post Somer! hubbs is a shroom lover. he can eat them day and night and he is going to love this!

    • Phew, I was worried I was going to be in the dog house over this one ;) hehe!

      Hope your hubbs likes it. It’s one of our favorites! Thanks again for having me guest post. Super fun! xx

  2. yummy! we make a gravy all the time with harvest sun mushroom stock cubes in the same way, I never thought about turning it into a soup!! lovely.

  3. GiRRL_Earth

    Yyyyyyyyyyyyum! I think I make this on Sunday for my weekly lunch meals.

  4. This is an awesome recipe. I was going to try a vegan version of cream of tomato and do a post soon, but looks like I will end up making this mushroom soup before that. Somer..thanks for another awesome recipe. And Richa.. You have a great blog. Nice to see another vegan food blogger from Seattle:) hope you feel better soon.

  5. Mmmmmmm, utterly divine :-)

  6. Beauty – looks SO good!

  7. Funny, I can’t stand raw mushrooms, but I love them pureed like this. Richa
    may learn to love them in this recipe, yummmmmsss

  8. Oh yum! Looks delicious!

  9. She has a fantastic blog: I agree here! What a tasty & amazing mushroom soup! Yummy!

  10. Yum! Love mushroom soup – no wonder you make this often.

  11. Mushroom soup is one of my favorites! I just recently posted my own magic mushroom soup that also doubles as a gravy. Great minds think alike huh? ;)

  12. I’ve been making what I call “Cream of Whatever Soup” for years–one of the first processed foods I axed from my diet. Oddly, I’ve never done a mushroom version. Thanks for the idea! This looks great!

  13. I don’t like mushrooms themselves either, but I love the flavor of them. This looks so creamy and delicious! Oh gosh, that canned stuff is nothing but sodium!

  14. Nawww, I just tried to comment over on Richa’s blog but it won’t let me (no self-hosted option for comments, SOB!) so I’ll post it here instead. :-)
    That cheese wheel is RIDICULOUSLY incredible, Somer! One day I will be brave enough to try making it. I love cashew cream mushroom soup too (OHHH SO GOOD!) and I also adapted my regular recipe a bit and made it into a Stroganoff! NOM!

    Maybe you could swap out the mushies for broccoli or sweet potato, Richa? I’ve experimented with just about every vegetable in my cashew cream soups and haven’t found a yucky one yet! :-) x

    • Oh Sparkles! Next time select the name/url thingy on the list and you can still comment.

      I thought I remembered you having a cream of mushroom soup on your blog too! I need to try your version! I’ve made stroganoff from mine too, just using a lot less liquid and adding some dijon! Love how we think alike!

      All the veggies are lovely in this! Thanks Sparkles! xx

    • ah crap.. i just changed the comment settings back.. i was getting bombarded with dumpster truck rental comments like every 2 minutes in the last week, so i changed the comments option.. :))

      i would love some sweet potato in it!

      • Blast! ;) I noticed you always have crazy amounts of spam. WordPress just puts it all in a spam folder. Much easier to deal with.

        Sweet potato might be next…

        • blogger does that too 95% of the time.. their spam filter conks out or something 2-3 times a year for a few days.. maybe they adjust the spam definition or sthing and then bam!

  15. I am zooming all over the place! Richa is before you in my rss feed read and I figured I would wait till I got here to comment ;). I now eat more soup than I would have thought possible only last year. Eating soup at the end of the day, especially soup that is easy to digest has opened my eyes up to how good a nights sleep you can have. Cream of mushroom you say? Don’t mind if I do! Back off to Richa’s to pinch the recipe….

  16. Yum! I love super simple, creamy soups. They add so much to a meal. I never think to do mushroom, though. I hated mushrooms as a child. I am so glad I like them now! Thank you!! I love your recipes.

  17. biggsis

    Oh yes, that sounds great! And Richa’s site is wonderful! So nice to find her. Thank you :-)

    • Thanks so much! Richa is one of my very favorite bloggers. You will LOVE her stuff! If you look at her October 2012 archives, she did a whole month of INSANELY incredible pizzas for Vegan MOFO. Many of the pizzas were gluten free. xx

  18. That’s pretty funny about the mushroom-mixup, but Richa is so sweet I’m sure she understands. Plus that soup looks amazeballs! Heading over there now for the recipe.

    • She totally understood. I told her I would whip something else up (which was nuts, since I’ve been injured for so long and don’t really have back up posts at the moment). But she just laughed it off and told me we’d go ahead with it. Sweet girl! Amazeballs! Love it Barb!

      • ahh come on.. no problem there at all. the blog is not just for me.. i have to feed hubbs and other people :) and i can always use it for a cream of something else. xx

  19. You are too funny! I LOVE mushrooms, this is totally my kind of soup :)

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