Raw Vegan Lite Cashew Horchata

Cashew HorchataRaw Cashew Horchata

I’m in the middle of a lovely juice feast to end my high raw month (I’ll be sharing some juicing recipes with you next week). Sometimes when you’re doing a juice feast (ok, so it’s really a fast, I’m just trying to make it sound easier) you can  have a bit of tiredness or an afternoon slump. Some of the lovely online juice cleanses include a nut milk to give you a boost and round out your day. Since I’m making everything myself at home, I thought I’d do the same. Yesterday I had the most amazing cashew milk for my afternoon snack, then halfway through drinking it, I thought it could use a bit of cinnamon. Yup, that’s how the 4 ingredient lite raw cashew horchata was born. Who needs rice and sugar?

Dates, Cashews Cinnamon

Raw Vegan Lite Cashew Horchata

  • 2 T. Raw Cashew Pieces (or use whole cashews, roughly chopped)
  • 2-4 Dates, snipped into bits (depending on your sweet-o-meter, I used 2)
  • 2 C. water
  • 1/2 t. ground cinnamon
  • optional add in’s: tiny pinch of salt, drop of therapeutic grade cinnamon essential oil (for more intense cinnamon flavor), teaspoon of vanilla. I made mine without but think those would be tasty.

Method: Blend all ingredients til completely smooth and creamy. If you don’t have a power blender soak your cashews and dates in the 2 cups water in a pint mason jar for 2-4 hours before blending. No need to drain and rinse, just pour the contents of the jar into the blender, add the cinnamon and you’re good to go.

Close Up I first had Horchata while vacationing in Mexico, it’s at Mexican restaurants all over the place, but very few restaurants serve vegan horchata. Now you can make your own in minutes, without ever boiling a pot of rice!

This recipe was shared at Raw Foods Thursdays

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45 responses to “Raw Vegan Lite Cashew Horchata

  1. Gorgeous! So creamy. Looks like a refreshing drink for hot weather, too. If we ever get hot weather…

  2. Nora

    The horchata from Spain is vegan and made from tiger nuts. It’s super delicious. Your recipe looks much closer to the tiger nut version and much more appealing that it’s sugary rice counter part! I’ll be trying this out! Thx!

  3. I love horchata! Neal has made one in the past using raw almonds. It is a really delicious drink.

    • I used to do the whole soak almonds, strain the pulp thing, but now I just make almond milk out of raw almond butter and water. LOVE. I need to try it that way too!

  4. You know I make it at home – I can’t stand most of the Mexican restaurants versions – usually it is a powdered mix or a concentrate, full of crap. Wonder if Kirk would drink this version…we are having fajitas tonight….off to make some ;-)

  5. I agree. everything needs cinnamon! sounds like one perfect drink for the missing summer here ;)

    • Nice for warming up when your body feels cold! I’ll definitely be serving this one over ice this summer, and possibly turning it into ice cream…

  6. heathergfc

    So, I think I’m in love after reading this recipe. I will be making this TOMORROW! Please come share with us at Raw Foods Thursdays. This would be an incredible recipe to link up!


    Hope you join us!

  7. I’ve never tried horchata but have seen multiple recipes for it, looks interesting. I’m going to have to try it.

  8. I have not heard of horchata before, this sounds amazingly delicious!

    Off I trot to the kitchen :)

  9. Looks delicious, girl! I love cinnamon with almond mylk but I have to try it out with cashew now. *slurp*

  10. Just made it and it is soooooo yummm! Thanks for an awesome idea!

  11. This looks awesome! Reminds me of a cashew milk they gave me for my “lunch” when I did a juice cleanse. That was my favourite part of the day :) Must try this!

    • Did their’s have cinnamon in it as well? I Was looking online at a few juice plans (but doing my own thing at home) and saw that several contained a nut milk. I thought it was a wonderful way to break up the day and give a little boost. I’ve loved it so far. Yummy!

  12. biggsis

    This sounds great – and I’ve done been educated! Never heard of horchata – will have to try it! Congrats on your month as well – good for you!

    • Oh girl, get thee some horchata! It’s been a wonderful month. I feel fantastic. I have a feeling if this weather ever warms up that I’ll be doing a lot of raw this summer too.

  13. Heaven in a bottle. I’d make more but my daughter jut dropped the glass jar of cashews on the floor….

  14. This sounds great! I just know the horchata you get at the restaurants is full of “stuff” we don’t need. I love horchata and I’m going to try this. Thank you too for stopping by my blog. You have an impressive site here.

  15. Of all of the nut-based milks, cashew is my favorite. It’s so creamy and delicious. Your horchata sounds wonderful!

  16. I love the Spanish horchata too but sometime it is a bit too sweet for me so I will give this one a good try! thanks, Somer!

  17. I’ve never had horchata, even in my pre-vegan days, but this sounds so wonderfully refreshing! What a nice treat! :-)

  18. Sounds tasty! I just finished a juice/milk just like this for a cleanse I did, minus the dates. It used agave as the sweetener instead of the chopped dates. It was definitely a delicious, tasty drink! :-)

  19. oooh – I have to try this. thanks

  20. Never heard of this before Somer, but it look really creamy and delicious! Love the cinnamon……yummy!!!

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  22. Your juice fast sounds great. I’m always interested in hearing more about fasting. When I tried juice fasting I couldn’t last a week as I felt so dizzy and spaced out but lots of people seem to handle it just fine. Thank you for sharing this with Healthy Vegan Fridays. Check back on Friday to see if you were one of the Top 3! We hope to see you again this week. You can submit a post from Friday to end of Tuesday:


    • I wonder if you were consuming enough juice. I’ve been amazed by the mental clarity I’ve had this week and how well it has gone. I may not be submitting to Healthy Vegan Friday this week since I’ll be out of town, but I’ll see if I can sneak some computer time. Thanks!

  23. creativespin

    Made it this weekend, and it was delish! I substituted coconut milk (the refrigerated, milk-substitute kind) for half of the water. Coconut water would also be tasty….

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  25. I must try this! I love horchata, but this recipe looks better than the original.

  26. I have never heard of horchata – sounds amazing! I can’t wait to hear how your month of high raw went :) xo

  27. Your posts on the juice “feast” have inspired me to finally get a juicer. And the horchata looks like such an amazing bonus, When I make it I am going to add some chia seeds to make it even creamier. I love chia seeds!

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