13 steps for the Prevention and Natural Treatment of Female Urinary Tract Infections

natural medicineLet me start out this post with a disclaimer: I am not professionally or medically trained in any way, shape or form. The prevention and treatment plan here is derived from my own personal experiences with Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s).

This treatment plan works best if followed at the very first sign of a UTI. If after following the treatments here for 24 hours, your symptoms have not drastically improved, please immediately schedule an appointment with your health practitioner.


1– Always drink plenty of water (8 glasses daily)

2– When going to the bathroom, always wipe front to back (logically, this keeps bacteria out of the urethra)

3– When traveling, and sitting for long periods of time, take as many bathroom, standing and walk breaks as you can.

4– Wear breathable undergarments. Tight and synthetic materials are more likely to help harbor bacteria.

5– Eat a High Alkaline Diet, people with acidic systems are more prone to UTI’s.

6– Use the bathroom straightaway after intimacy with your partner, not fun, but neither are infections.

7– If possible, shower rather than bathe, sitting in water with microscopic bacteria/using bubble baths/oils can all increase the incidence of UTI’s.


Use the following treatment method until your symptoms completely resolve.

8– Drink plenty of CLEAR unsweetened fluids, meaning you can see through the liquid, and I don’t mean Diet Coke or Sprite. Water is your best friend here.

9– Up your dosage of Vitamin C, I use 3-6 Emergen-C packets (for instant absorption into the body) daily during an infection, the Super Orange is vegan. One medical Doctor I saw said that vitamin C helps to prohibit bacteria from sticking to the lining of the bladder and urethra. I find it’s super effective.

10– There’s evidence that cranberries and blueberries also work in the same way as the vitamin C does for UTI’s, however, many juices are highly sweetened AND or mixed with other fruit juices and will likely do more harm then good, find unsweetened cranberry juice, cranberry powder or cranberry tablets and eat whole blueberries.

11– Make this Urinary Alkalizer and keep it in your medicine cabinet for when you need it. It IMMEDIATELY reduces symptoms and starts to provide relief:

  • 1/4 C. Baking Soda
  • 1 teaspoon citric acid (find it your health food store or buy it online) leave it out if you can’t find it.
  • 1 drop each of lemon, lime and orange essential oil (I use Doterra essential oils since they are medicinal grade)
  • Stevia to sweeten (alkaline sweetener derived from natural sources) I use Truvia brand and would use 4 packets for this recipe.

In a small bowl, stir the formula together with a wire whisk. Store in a lidded glass jar. This mixture will fizz when you add it to water. Use 1/2 teaspoon in 2-4 ounces of water every couple of hours until you start to feel relief. This formula is based on a Urinary Alkalizer I used to buy when I lived in Australia, sadly, nothing like it is available in the U.S.

12– Avoid the following foods during treatment: caffeine in any form, alcohol, chocolate, spicy foods, onion, bell pepper or hot pepper of any color or variety, tomatoes. My urologist mentioned these foods can aggravate and prolong the infection. Obviously whole foods instead of processed foods are best for your body as well.

13– I highly recommend essential oils for additional treatment (extra protection and less likeliness for the need of antibiotics). During a recent camping trip I contracted a UTI and fought it off with oils alone (something I’d never attempted before). If you use essential oils, you can use the following blend several times a day in veggie caps (internal) and on your abdomen and bottoms of your feet (external) for treatment for a UTI.  Mix 10 drops frankincense, 10 drops on guard and 6 drops oregano in a glass dropper oil vial. Again, I use Doterra essential oils since they are medicinal grade. Mix more essential oil UTI formula as needed for treatment.

Now, you might want to know why I consider myself a near expert on this subject: I’ve always had issues with urinary tract infections (UTI’s) starting when I was a teenager. I’ve probably had upwards of 40 infections in my life. Many years ago, I discovered I only have one kidney, a condition aptly called “solitary kidney” it’s a genetic abnormality, I was born that way. I found out about my solitary kidney through an ultrasound during a time when doctors were doing testing because I had suffered from 8 urinary tract infections within 3 months time. I was put on massive doses of antibiotics and was told I would need to take antibiotics for a full year in order to resolve my recurrent issue (That’s also the point in time in my life that triggered me to start using alternative medicine) I was also poked and prodded with multiple tests (including that ultrasound, and other more uncomfortable tests). Anyway, since I’ve only got the one kidney and urinary tract infections lead to bladder infections – which lead to kidney infections, I had to figure out how to protect my precious kidney, since I don’t have a backup.

I’ve learned through extensive study, naturopaths and plenty of MD visits how to prevent and treat urinary tract infections for myself. Since following these steps, UTI’s have become a very rare occurrence for me and when I do start to feel one coming on, I’m able to fight it head on and quickly every time without the use of antibiotics.

I hope this information will be helpful to you, since nearly every woman I know has had a urinary tract infection at one point or another. If you are unsure about whether or not you have an infection, you can read a list of symptoms here. It’s more rare for men to contract this type of  infection than women, but it does occur. In men, the condition is called bacterial prostatitis. I’m not aware of whether or not these prevention and treatment methods work as well for males as they do for females, but following the prevention and treatment steps can’t hurt.


  1. Excellent advice, I had my first UTI when I was about 5 years old and suffered with them until I was in my early twenties, when the penny finally dropped that drinking enough water was 90% of the battle. I couldn’t believe it was that simple, because of course, the doc would always just prescribe medicines! In fairness, he did also advise me to drink more fluids, but I just dismissed that thinking that the medicine was the most important thing.

  2. I’ve had UTI’s on occasion too – they also seem to be common with MS. I’ve always had cranberry juice on hand and cranberry capsules as part of my treatment. I’ll bookmark this and try the oils next time too.

  3. Great post Somer. Antibiotics are such a double edged sword – wiping out good bacteria and ruining balance in your body. It is great to have an alternative. I have not been cursed with this problem but I know plenty of people who suffer UTIs. I also use doTerra oils and think highly of them.

  4. All of these are great suggestions. I’ve had great success with 100% pure unsweetened cranberry juice that you can buy at the health food store. There’s no sweeteners and the taste is pretty unpleasant (really bitter and sour), but not compared to a full-blown UTI! When I feel one coming on, I just drink several cups periodically over the next few days diluted with a bit of water and it works like a charm.

  5. I love the baking soda and water method so much, and chased away my last UTI with it. Your blend sounds much more flavourful, though. I will keep this one close. Thank you so much for sharing it. :0)

  6. Reblogged this on veggiewitch and commented:
    I normally just use a 1 tsp baking and 8oz of water solution to treat a UTI, but the recipe here sounds much more flavorful. Great advice, too! Ladies and gents, if you suffer from occasional/frequent UTIs, this is a great post for you.

  7. Great post! I will definitely try the essential oils if I get a UTI again. While on the topic, I used to get them so often, it’s now been years, and the best preventitive method for me was #6. Not fun, like you said, but it works!

  8. Somer,
    Great Post! I used to get them ALL the time until I learned about Dmannose..you can buy it in powder form or pills…the Dmannose attaches to the bacteria and flushes it out! I haven’t had a UTI for about 7 years! Highly recommended:)

    1. I just looked into that supplement. Looks like it would help do the trick, I can’t confirm that it’s dairy free, so I need to do more research. Congrats on finding something that works for you and solved your recurrent infections!

    2. I have to echo Jennifer’s suggestion/recommendation for d-mannose. I’ve never had a UTI, but I used to get recurring bouts of IC (Interstitial Cystitis), which has very similar symptoms to UTIs and is caused by bacteria, as well. Drinking COPIOUS amounts of water is always my first recourse, but the ONLY thing that ever completely resolved the IC was d-mannose. That stuff is AMAZING. I, too, have gone about 7 years without an incident of IC, and, though it tastes AWFUL and is fairly pricey for how much you gt, d-mannose is 100% worth it. (I’ve only ever used the d-mannose from Vibrant Health, so I can’t vouch for any others.)

  9. Love this post! Especially the dietary tips- it’s often just as important to remove things as it is to add some!

    I suffer from UTIs as well and I thought I would share what I’ve found helpful! It’s the supplement CellFood- it’s a serious alkalizer and gives you tons of energy on top of that!

  10. I notice toy use Truvia and just wanted to make sure you were aware that it is not the purest brand of stevia out there. I recently read an article about the differences of stevia and learned that many brands, including Truvia, have other ingredients added- in this case, erythritol and “natural flavors” are added. And Truvia is owned by CocaCola and Cargill-think Monsanto. Just an FYI in case like me, you didn’t know about the extra ingredients. Personally, I like the Sweet Leaf brand.

    1. I’ll have to try sweet leaf. I buy Truvia the most often and name it in my posts mostly because it’s the easiest for me to find and a brand that people can buy in nearly grocery store.

  11. I was born with kidney issues as well. Infections for me are pretty common – although I have controlled them for the past decade finally. I know when I am getting one now – I can feel it in a certain area of my back before any symptoms show up, so if I pay attention, I start flushing immediately. Hiking often brings it on (sweating, not being able to shower, etc) and I find I have to carry cotton undies to sleep in, only for nighttime. And unlike some hikers, I HAVE to carry toilet paper, no drip drying in the wilds (yuck anyways). I do that, and I’ll have a bad infection in 2 days time!!

  12. Great topic I am learning as much as I can to treat myself and family in a more holistic approach. In a day or so I will be making the choice between Young Living or doTERRA. I noticed that you like doTERRA is there a reason why? Feeling excited about this prospect of making my family feel better. Thanks for sharing. Allie

    1. I think both oil companies are good, both are medicinal grade. I just chose Doterra over Young Living out of convenience and a belief that their products may be sourced from more clean locations. (Young Living’s Lavender farm is right off the freeway here in Utah, can’t imagine that particular oil is super clean with all the traffic and exhaust).

        1. Sorry, it’s just their lavender farm that is there, I’m not sure of their other growing locations for their other plants, that was off putting enough for me though. It’s their headquarters, and it is beautiful, it’s just right off I-15…

  13. This is a very helpful and timely post. I also found out over the weekend while talking to a few people that UTIs happen a lot in elderly patients and may not be uncommon in Alzheimer’s patients because they lose some of their skills and family members might not immediately aware of the problem. Untreated, it can be serious so your prevention tips might help many people. Thanks!

  14. I am fortunate to have only had 2 UTIs in my life, but now I’m ready when another tries to attack :-). I use oils for lots of things, so I’m really happy you included them here. You said that Super Orange Emergen-C is vegan – are the others not?

  15. First off, thank you for this, I have had 4 defile UTIs the last few months (I have both kidneys but one doesn’t function all the way and I’ve had issues for years) and am looking for natural ways to prevent and treat my infections. I do have a question though. I have seen here and in other places that the baking soda works to alkalize but doesn’t that directly contradict the benefits of the acidity from the vitamin c? I am just curious how the 2 methods work together?

  16. Thanks so much for the Urinary Alkalizer recipe! It provided relief right away, and my UTI symptoms were mostly gone in a day! I substituted pure organic cranberry juice for the stevia to sweeten and add extra “oomph”

  17. Hello! I did not understand point number 13 so well. Could you please explain to me how exactly to use it and how it helps if applied externally? Thank you for the great article!

  18. In the last several years, I’ve struggled with constantly recurring UTI’s. The information you have provided has given me ammunition to battle them. One question I have is with using the essential blend. How many drops of each oil do you put in the veggie cap and how many times a day is safe to consume?

    Thanks again.

  19. This was your regimen of oils for a UTI but it doesn’t say how much to out in the capsule for each internal dose. I made the mixture but don’t know how much to put in each capsule. Can you help?

    13– I highly recommend essential oils for additional treatment (extra protection and less likeliness for the need of antibiotics). During a recent camping trip I contracted a UTI and fought it off with oils alone (something I’d never attempted before). If you use essential oils, you can use the following blend several times a day in veggie caps (internal) and on your abdomen and bottoms of your feet (external) for treatment for a UTI. Mix 10 drops frankincense, 10 drops on guard and 6 drops oregano in a glass dropper oil vial. Again, I use Doterra essential oils since they are medicinal grade. Mix more essential oil UTI formula as needed for treatment.

  20. Ive been suffering from UTIs for the past 15 years.. extremely exhausted of taking antibiotics over and over again…. appreciate all the help.. will try out the all the treatment options.. im glad to find a ray of hope..thank you sooo much for sharing!!

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