Elianni’s Gluten-Free Vegan Huge Food Box Giveaway! Vedged Out 12 Days of Christmas

elianni - CopyFresh out of the review box! We ate everything before I remembered to take a proper photo of all the products together!

So, how would TWO OF YOU you like to receive this very same $75 value box?!?

I got the most incredible food box to review last month from Elianni! When they offered to send it out, I had no idea just how much stuff I’d be receiving! Lets just say when it came, it felt like Christmas came a little early this year! At first glance, I thought these products may be a bit too processed or have some ingredients that I might not be fond of that are in a lot of veggie meat replacements, so I was pleasantly surprised when I read all the labels. Every product has a very clean label so you can indulge to your heart’s content!

I got 4 different Organic and Vegan Veggie Rolls including: Mushroom, Tomato, Fine Herbs and Mediterannean Flavors. These rolls are positively wonderful for slicing and serving on sandwiches or for sauteing lightly and using in your favorite recipe. The mushroom roll was my favorite, though I loved them all!


I also received 5 different Organic Vegan Pâtè’s including: Zesty Apple, Red Pepper Olive, Vegetable, Peppercorn and Mushroom. These pâtè’s are wonderful served on crackers or spread on a crusty loaf of bread. They also make a nice sandwich spread for a panini or toasted sandwich. The peppercorn flavor was my favorite one here!


Also included was a box of Elianni’s Veggie Cutlets. This natural and nutritious high protein TVP vegan product is made of non-GMO soybeans and pinto bean flour and is a fantastic meat replacement in any recipe. The cutlets simply need to be hydrated and seasoned. We used it in a stir fry with excellent results!


…and my favorite part of the box! This lovely bottle of Organic Mosto de Lagrima Free-Run Grape Juice. I don’t drink alcohol, so it was lovely to have this fancy organic drink at our last Holiday meal. It was simply delicious.



To learn more about or to purchase Elianni’s affordable and amazing gluten-free and vegan foods, please visit their site here!

Or for a chance to win this amazing Giveaway, Click on the link below to enter the Giveaway! Remember, this is going out to TWO readers! This contest is open to entrants in the USA only! You must also follow this blog by email or RSS feed to qualify. You have until Sunday December 22nd!  I will notify the winner by email on Monday the 23rd December. GO!!

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Day 1: Free Vegan Lifestyle MagazineDay 2: Free Case of Butler Soy CurlsDay 3: Alternative Outfitters Vegan Boutique $25 Gift Card and Free Messenger BagDay 4: Sunwarrior Raw Vegan Protein Powder or Product of Choice GiveawayDay 5: Tropical Traditions 1 Gallon Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil Giveaway. Day 6: Sweet Debbie’s Organic Treats, Allergy Free & Vegan Recipes. Cookbook Giveaway. Day 7: Extraordinary Vegan Cookbook Giveaway. Day 8: Emaline Delapaix, Music Download GiveawayDay 9: Jazzy Vegetarian Classics Cookbook Giveaway. Day 10: Bring Joy Totes & Field Roast Celebration Roast.

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33 responses to “Elianni’s Gluten-Free Vegan Huge Food Box Giveaway! Vedged Out 12 Days of Christmas

  1. acookinthemaking

    Wow, everything looks so delicious! I definitely would be curious to try the veggie rolls sliced onto a sandwich. Have a feeling the mushroom would be my favorite as well :)

  2. Deanne O'Donnell

    I would make something wonderful for my husband who is a new vegan.

  3. I have so many family members who can’t have gluten. I would invite them over for a delicious meal and show them vegan can be both gluten free and delicious :)

  4. Nadine Ingram

    Everything looks awesome. I love following your blog and pinterest boards

  5. Ani

    This would be perfect for my family! I am trying to go vegan and my brother/mom are gluten intolerant! Hope I get to try this!!

  6. I’d like to make a stir fry using the veggie rolls or a pasta dish of some sort.

  7. gaiantlc

    I’m most interested in the pates!

  8. Fabulous New Year’s feast! And a fantastic giveaway, too. Thanks for sharing with us!

  9. Those vegan cutlets look amazing!!! I would love to make a wellington with them!

  10. Dian in IN

    The pates look wonderful, either with crackers or veggies. Yum

  11. I wouldn’t mind putting a slice of that tomato veggie roll in a vegan grilled cheese sandwich!

  12. Being vegan and gluten-free is a challenge because I live on the road in my little teeny tiny trailer – I’d make stir-fries, snacks, and whatever else I could come up with! Even if I don’t win, I’m looking for these products just because they look so yummy!

  13. Eyes closed, fingers crossed, pleasepleasepleaseplease…. ;)

  14. I would love to use the cutlets to make a stir-fry.

  15. I am the only vegan in my family, so I like when I get together with family and can open their eyes to all vegetarian and vegan dishes have to offer :)

  16. Kara Taylor

    we’re very pressed for money right now- i would make an amazing christmas dinner for our little vegan family.

  17. I love the pates! I usually just put them on toast points but I want to make a portabella wellington

  18. I’m Vegan and Gluten free, but the rest of my family are omnivores. This box would make my life a ton easier, and tastier!

  19. never had faux stuff..would love to give it a shot

  20. Jen E

    I would love to try the cutlets, they sound amazing. I would put them in a sweet and sour stir fry which is my fav. I love that they are gluten free too!

  21. Omer

    i would love to use the pate for a potluck party!

  22. Paula Marsh

    Fajitas! That’s what I’d like to try first with the cutlets.

  23. Amalie

    I would love to try it all!

  24. mason

    I would love to try the veggie rolls and serve at upcoming Christmas parties!

  25. I would love to try those Pate’s.. they look very interesting.

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  27. Everything looks great! I think I’d like to try the veggie rolls on a sandwich or sauteed up with breakfast. Yum!

  28. Chelsea

    They look like they would be a good addition to pasta or maybe shepherd’s pie?

  29. Gaby

    I’d love to serve the vegan pates as appetizers at a party, and those veggie sausages would be great in stew!

  30. Chely

    The veggie rolls are intriguing. Also the pâtés.

  31. Patti

    I’d never heard of this company. My little town is so non-vegan friendly I can’t wait to order some REAL food! Looks wonderful!

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