Scott Jurek’s Eat & Run. Review and Giveaway

eat and run 1

I don’t do a whole lot of hero worship, but ever since I started running I’ve been completely fascinated with Scott Jurek. Back then I couldn’t understand how anyone, let alone someone who eats an entirely plant-based diet could run 100 miles or more, and run it fast…  Here are just a few of his winning feats:

Hardrock 100 victory, a brutal mountain race with close to 68,000 feet in elevation change. The local Silverton, Colorado E.R. Room is usually full to the brim following the race.

Fall down seven times, get up eight -Japanese Proverb. After nearly keeling over halfway through the race at mile 70 with vomiting, dehydration and exhaustion induced visions, Scott picked himself up to win the 135 mile Badwater UltramarathonBadwater is run in the one of the world’s hottest and most desolate places, the aptly named Death Valley.  Temperatures can reach over 130° F (54° C) even in the shade. Rumor has it you have to run on the white painted line on the side of the road just so your shoes don’t melt off during the race.

He’s also won the 153 mile Greek Spartathalon 3 times, and the Western States 100 mile, 7 years in a row (an unbroken record), he hold’s the US 24 hour record, and that’s just a short list of his accomplishments. Runner’s World lists him near the top of the greatest runners of all time.

scott jurek

I own the hardcover of Eat & Run so when the publisher offered to send me a paperback copy to review, I asked if they would send the paperback copy to one of my readers instead. They agreed! So instead of just a review today, you get a giveaway too. The book is more than just Scott running races fueled by a vegan diet, though there certainly is a lot of that, it’s also a heartfelt and personal glimpse into Scott’s failed marriage, the stark health decline and eventual death of his mother, the disapproval of his father and the loss of a great friendship. I read the book cover to cover in less than 3 days and was riveted. Perhaps one of my favorite things in the book is how Scott busts the blood type diet (a diet with no scientific evidence behind it). He’s type O, which is supposed to be a full on Carnivore according the the blood type diet peeps, but when he went vegan, his health and running performance shot through the roof, he even experienced far faster and better recovery times. Radical.

There’s also some of Scott’s favorite recipes scattered throughout, I’ve made most and haven’t been disappointed. I’m still enjoying the hemp milk and Scott’s Smoky Chipotle Refried Beans are literally the best I’ve ever had, but you’ve really got to try Scott’s Lentil Mushroom Burger, the link to the recipe is here, and it’s nothing short of fantastic.

scott & jennyScott and his partner, Jenny, cooking up Veggie Burgers

You can read the full Runner’s World article regarding Eat & Run here. It’s the reason I ended up buying the book for myself. For more Jurek awesomeness, check out Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, one of my favorite books of all time.

Here’s his most recent thoughts on the Boston Marathon tragedy:

ScottJurek “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” –Anonymous#run4boston today.

ScottJurek Looking forward to running in honor of Boston victims with all you @Garmin @OzMarathonon Sat. Also at expo & dinner:

I’m running for Boston today too.

Click on the link below to enter the GiveawaySorry, only open only to entrants in the USA. You must also follow this blog by email or RSS feed to qualify. You have until Sunday the  21st to enter!  I will notify the winner by email on Monday the 22nd. GO!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

scott runningScott Jurek and Arnulfo Quimare of the Tarahumara. Christopher McDougall said watching them run was like watching a couple of graceful gazelles.

Oh, and let Scott teach you how to finally beat blisters while running once and for all.


  1. I need to give this book to a few friends of mine who are convinced that you can’t run marathons if you “only” eat plants! It is frustrating when nothing I’ve said seems to convince them that a plant-based diet perfectly fuels the body to do whatever it needs to do!

    1. Yes! I totally forgot to add something about blood type diets I had been thinking about when drafting this post. Updated now, thanks for the reminder! Also, check out the site No Meat Athlete….

  2. I’ve been going back and forth and whether or not to get this book for awhile now. I’m so fascinated by all of the elite trail runners who are able to do this. Now if only I could convince my hubby to give up his meat…

    1. Well be sure to enter! I loved it! Yeah, this may be a book that could help your husband do it. Scott is the best of the Vegan “Manly Men”. No one could call him a plant based pansy! Good luck!

  3. I run for those who cannot. Whenever I am unmotivated to run, I think about those who are unable to and I run for them. Running is a privilege and that is why I am running the 2013 Chicago Marathon for charity.

  4. OMG!! I am so excited 🙂 I have read this once (checked out from the library), and has been on my wish list to buy ever since. Scott Jurek has been a huge inspiration with my running. One of my favorite recipes from his book is the Minnesota Winter Chili…YUM!! Thank you for hosing such a fantastic giveway. Good Luck everyone 🙂

    1. Pretty much you almost always feel better after running then you did before. I’ve never done a run that I’ve regretted (even if I threw up during a race!) Rocking body is definitely a benefit!

    1. I pretty much adore him! Look at photo 2! How can that face not inspire us!? The book is so awesome! Even if you don’t win, be sure to check it out at your local library. I think it’s worth owning for the recipes alone.

  5. I read the book a couple of months ago. Scott is am amazing athlete and I loved all the stories about Dusty as well. I am a jogger but I have adjusted my technique slightly since reading the book and I am now a slightly faster runner. It is really an inspiring book to push yourself a bit further.

  6. I read his book and quote him on my blog all the time! When I need motivation I reread my favorite parts! Love the recipes too. The vegan waffles are sooooo good and easy to make….

    1. Vegan Waffles?… I have to go back and look at that one! I need to re-read the book again too. I’m injured, so I’m in an exercise rut.

  7. I loved your review – it’s so inspiring to read stories of what the human body is capable of. The mind really is our biggest obstacle to overcome. I’m definitely interested in reading this now – thanks!

  8. I am definitely going to pick up a copy for some of the recipes he includes. I live on a strict plant based diet most of the time but need to add some fish and organic dairy once and a while in order to log more than 50 miles of running a week or my energy levels start to drop drastically, not to mention my weight ( and I am thin to begin with! 🙂 ).Thanks for sharing this!
    In health and happiness, Tracy (

    1. Well, I know you’ll love it for the recipes and for the amazing stories inside. Have you tried vegan protein powder when upping your training? I like Sunwarrior. It’s raw and vegan. I think it really helps when you’re pushing it 🙂 Thanks Tracy! xx

    1. I would love to hear him speak. The book is pure motivation, makes us mere mortal runners feel like we can run that half marathon, marathon, etc! Hope you’ve entered! 🙂

  9. I have had this book on my wishlist forever! My running inspiration is my children. They both complete 5K’s regularly and keep improving.

  10. Thanks Somer, you reminded me that I really wanted to read this book. My local library has a copy, so I’ve just gone online and put a hold on it. Wish I was still in the USA so I could join in your giveaways, though 🙂

  11. Lol…my running inspiration? That I have run a 10K and survived even if it felt like my knees were in my boobs for a good week after 😉 It was pride that got me through – that I wouldn’t quit and I wouldn’t be last!

    1. Oh my gosh, I’m laughing until I’m crying. Can’t say I completely understand since I’m as flat as a pancake, but sounds like you need a better sports bra for the girls! HAHA! Great job on finishing. A 10k is no small feat!

      1. You’re cracking me up too Somer! I had nice perky ones before my Olivia was born, but after all this nursing, they are drooped to my waistline! So not attractive, but I wouldn’t trade it no matter what. 🙂

      1. Wow, I can’t believe you did it with only 6 weeks of training! That’s great that you didn’t give up. I always had to do a 12 week plan to get ready for a race, looks like I’ll be starting at a couch to 5k program now as soon as my injury heals.

  12. I run (even if it is short distances) because I can. After years of uncontrolled asthma and weight issues, running allowed me to strengthen my lungs, shape my body, and now start to take control of my PCOS. I find runners like scott and other dedicated exercisers so inspiring to keep going on days I just want to lay down on my couch.

    1. I love that running helped to change your life. It’s definitely these kind of heroes that remind us, hey if they can run an ultra, I can definitely do that 5k… and so on!

  13. I like to run because even though I sometimes hate it when I am doing it, I always feel better when I am done 🙂 And I love Scott Juerk! I would love to win this book.

  14. ha i dont know when i will run.. but hey all you runners look awesome! hubbs runs mostly regularly and has more energy, better mood, looks every more good, when he does it regularly;) i need the book to keep his inspiration up!

    1. You are breaking my heart, I really hope you’ll be able to be well enough to run someday. Your hubbs would truly love this book. It’s a real testament to the human spirit and being able to persevere in the face of nearly any struggles.

    1. It would be a great gift for them Heidi. You are so considerate.

      I’m still reeling over Boston. I have so many friends and family members who run that race that it felt like such a personal attack. Thankfully most weren’t at the race this year either. However, one of my husband’s friends (prior University Professor and current business associate) was there and finished the race just 5 minutes before the bombs went off. He was in the medic tent and witnessed everything. As did his family who was waiting for him. Thankfully none of them were injured, but I’m sure they’ll be mentally scarred by it. I can’t imagining witnessing that. So awful.

    1. Girl, you need to get a jogging stroller and get back out there! I loved taking my youngest in the stroller and he loved it too! Just pack the snackage, sippy’s and so on and everyone’s happy 🙂

      You would LOVE this book!

  15. My running inspiration is my family, my health, fellow running moms, and books like this. I am actually reading a library copy of this book now but would love love love a copy of my own. Rich Roll’s book finding ultra was a seed that started my vegan journey and a huge reason I stuck with running.

    1. Rich Roll’s book was amazing as well, these Ultra guys are phenomenal. It’s amazing that the human body can accomplish when driven by the right mind (I do say mind instead of body, because I’ve learned that nearly anyone can run if they put their minds to it).

      Yeah, although this is a great read at the library, it’s definitely one you’ll want for the bookshelf to re-read, and of course for all the recipes.

  16. The blood type diet is such nonsense. I am type O- and if I ate meat all the time I would be dead. I have already ruined my gall bladder eating SAD. Trying to keep it in with a plant based diet! I’m not a great runner but I keep trying. My children are my inspiration to keep trying. I want to be there and healthy for them for a long time. I’ve lost both of my parents to heart disease and diabetes.

    1. I’m glad you think it’s nonsense too, though I’m probably in hot water with some of my readers for saying so ;).

      Yeah, the SAD totally made me sick too. I hope you have success with a plant based diet, I truly believe in the healing power of foods. You want to be there for your family as long as possible, especially with what you’ve all ready experienced. Best of luck on your journey.

  17. I love Scott Jurek. I tried out one of his recipes from Runner’s World (Chocolate Adzuki Bars) and posted about it on my blog I eat them as a snack when I kick up my running before big races. He’s so inspiring. I’ve switched to a more plant-based diet and found myself with so much more energy. I love your blog, by the way! Can’t wait to try your foxy moxy cheese recipe. I just bought all the ingredients!

  18. I saw those bars in RUnner’s World too, but couldn’t find adzuki beans locally. Maybe I need to try harder! They sound like excellent running fuel!

    I’m so happy you love my blog, I hope you enjoy the foxy moxy as much as I do, it’s one of my proudest recipe accomplishments! It was in the works for a long time! xx

    1. I’ve managed to find the beans at Whole Foods. They have them dry in the bulk section, but also canned from Eden Organic (they’re labeled “Aduki” beans) I’ve been using them in smoothies with bananas, too. They’re the same beans that are in the sweet red bean buns from Chinese bakeries. A hint of sweetness complements them well.

  19. Hey there – I WOULD LOVE to get my hands on this!!
    Also, I just did a post and I would love if you could help me out.
    Now, the recipe isn’t a vegan one 😦 just vego but it also links in with my fundraiser – I am running a 10K on May 19 and raising funds for the UN’s World Food Programme – I just think it’s crazy people are dying from starvation and malnutrition… I’d really love it if you could spread the word a little bit goes a long way!!
    Thanks SO much in advance!!

  20. Thanks so much for sharing! Look forward to reading the book. Will pick it up this week, I need something to lift my spirits. I’m out for a month due to a stress reaction. Good news is I can still ride my bike and swim. This will be my second one in under a year and the Dr tells me vegetarian/vegans are more likely to get them. Would love to hear what you think.
    Thanks again!

    1. Tell me what a stress reaction is….? I’ve never heard of vegans/vegetarians being prone to anything except iron deficiency and protein deficiency… which are both myths (when you compare vegans and vegetarians to the general population) they’re no more at risk~! I hope you get your spirits lifted soon. I’ve been out on injury for months and it can get depressing.

      1. It’s the start of stress fracture. I did not crack the bone. I feel like they always want to point at my “diet” because it’s the easy way out for them. My first was due to doing too much too fast but this time I was not. I go back to the orthopedist in two weeks and I’ll see we he has to say. Thanks for the reply! I hope your injury free soon!

  21. Thanks for setting up this give away! I started running about 6 months ago and I love it! I’ve recently been looking for a good book to read.. I’m so glad that you suggested this one!

  22. I started running a couple of years ago, and it was a super help to me losing weight and actually getting some muscle in my legs! I soon became addicted to 5k’s, but I only do ones with t shirts 😉 That’s become a running joke among my family and friends. Ha!

    Thanks for the give a way!

  23. My running inspiration comes from health benefits primarily, but after becoming vegan about 6 months ago, I have continually been learning more about how both eating a plant-based diet and exercise like running is one of THE best feelings a person can have. Good luck, everyone! Thanks for the opportunity, Scott!

  24. I certainly enjoyed all commentarys about Scott, I would like to buy the book but It´s not salling in Porugal.

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