Ultra Tasty Vegan Naan

I’ve been almost entirely gluten-free as of late due to autoimmune issues, but I had company over for dinner tonight and wanted to make something to impress with ingredients I had on hand. I made a lovely Chana Masala with some basmati rice and came up with this ultra tasty vegan naan. After several recipe requests through Instagram, I decided to put the recipe up on my site. Here you go!

Ultra Tasty Vegan Naan

(Makes 16 Naan, recipe can be halved)

• 1.5 cups warm water

• 1 heaped teaspoon sugar

• 2 teaspoons pink salt

• 1 tablespoon instant yeast

• 1.5 teaspoons baking powder

• 1/2 cup soymilk combined with 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice (let set for 5 minutes)

• 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

• 4.5 – 5 cups unbleached all-purpose flour (scoop and level)

• Melted vegan butter, mixed with several cloves of fresh minced garlic. Plus black onion seeds (kalonji) for topping naan after cooking

Method: in a kneading apparatus (or use a large bowl and spoon and then your hands) add water, sugar, salt and yeast. Mix to combine. Then add baking powder, soymilk mixture, and olive oil. Mix again. Add the flour and mix until roughly combined. Add the additional 1/2 cup flour if dough is too wet and sticky. Then knead for 10 minutes or until dough is smooth and elastic. This is a soft dough.

Cover and let dough rest for one hour. Then punch down and divide into 16 pieces. Use a floured surface to shape each piece into a teardrop shape with your hands.

Heat a cast iron or griddle type skillet over medium high heat. Once skillet is quite hot, brush with a bit of olive oil. Cook until naan is puffed and brown on one side, then flip and let brown on the other side. Repeat until all naan are cooked.

Brush warm naan with melted vegan garlic butter. Then sprinkle with the black onion seeds (if desired). Serve warm.


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