Butler Soy Curl Giveaway Winners!

And the three winners of the Butler Soy Curl Giveaway are:

Lizzie of Veggie Bento Love

Pixie of Cheerfully Vegan


Ashley Herring Whitaker

Winners were selected using Rafflecopter. Check your inbox, I’ll be emailing you and will need your addresses πŸ™‚

If you didn’t win and still want to try the soy curls, find out if they’re at a store near you, (It looks like there are some international options!) Or order them here.

Vegan BBQ Sandwich with Soy Curls

Not Beef Stew with Soy Curls



  1. Hey! I Just saw I won! Thanks!! Do I need to send you anything….email, etc? I’m super excited to try these out.

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