Trader Joe’s Opens in Salt Lake City, Utah!





Yay! Welcome Trader Joes!

Didn’t actually shop because it was pure mayhem and there was nary a vegan chocolate chip cookie left on the shelf (much to An Unrefined Vegan’s disappointment), but I’ll be back!



    1. I hope so too Barbara, they were a long time coming to Utah because of our restrictive liquor laws, but there’s a growing vegan/vegetarian “crunchy sort of community” here which I’m sure helped them to decide to plant roots πŸ™‚

    1. It’s a full hour drive from my home, so not entirely lucky, but other bloggers describe it as a vegan/vegetarian mecca, so since I was all ready in the area, I had to stop in!

    1. I didn’t get to see much since the store was literally packed like sardines with people. All the other bloggers rave about it, so seems like a great store, I think it has lots of inexpensive vegetarian staples and heaps of prepared vegan products. I’ll reserve a full report til I get the chance to actually shop there πŸ™‚

    2. A green grocer isn’t something you can find here. There are farmer’s markets throughout the summer, but mostly we’re subject to the masses at the supermarket. I loved the green grocers in Australia, better variety and fresher produce.

  1. How positively yummly tummly. You are from Utah, how dear and close to my heart, my mom’s family is from Salt Lake City, Utah. She paints nothing but the scenery of Utah all these years later. I miss it. Trader Joes and Utah, Bonus!

  2. I’ve really been excited for Trader Joe’s to finally get here!!! I’m going to try and get over there today! I’m sure it will be a mad house but I want to check it out.

    1. When Annie and I went, most the vegan products were off the shelves, SOLD OUT! I hope you have better luck, regardless, neither of us was willing to wait in the lines or really browse cause it was so crowded. I’d love to know what you think πŸ™‚

  3. There are always rumors that a Trader Joe’s is going to move to our area. I would love that! They have some unique products that I like, plus really good prices on lots of organic stuff. I hope at some point you’re actually able to shop there once the crowds die off! πŸ™‚

  4. Trader Joe’s is great. But I have questions, I was JUST thinking about these last night. We live in an area where plastic bags have been outlawed. Why is it ok for stores . . . . such as Trader Joe’s to package so many fruits and vegetables in plastic? Pre-packaged fresh fruit and vegetables is infuriating to me. No. 1 – I can’t pick my own. No. 2 – I have to buy a bunch instead of the ONE that I really need. No. 3 – The packaging is causing so much more waste. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? Grr. I just saw all the prepackaged produce in your picture and it upset me so, excuse me for the outburst. But really, what is up with that?

    The lines pictured here looks like the lines at our Trader Joe’s on a regular (not a grand opening) day!

    1. I know, baffling!?! I do my best to bring my own bags and things when shopping to reduce impact and often won’t buy things wrapped in plasticine since you can’t determine the freshness anyway. The pictures are deceiving. The store was actually so full it was difficult to move. I’m a bit claustrophobic in tight spaces so I had to get out.

      1. I have decided not to buy veggies that are pre-wrapped also. You are correct, you can’t verify their freshness.

        And, yeah, that is how one of our Trader Joe’s is. You can’t move in it. The aisle are small and it is always packed. Checking out takes a long time.

  5. We just got our first Trader Joes here in Winston Salem, NC. It has been fun to try all the new products although I must say that they have been hit and miss. I’ll shop there, but it won’t replace Whole Foods and Fresh Market.

  6. Trader Joe’s is WONDERFUL – enjoy your adventures there. And be sure to snag lots of good buys in the nuts/dried fruit aisle – they have tons of unsulphured dry fruits! Yay!

  7. We have 2 big supermarket giants in Australia that have a stranglehold on our food dollars and they have exactly the same prices! Talk about corrupt… I would LOVE a Trader Joe’s here in Tasmania…maybe I can petition them (I think I have more chance of losing out to Trader Joe’s and winning on a passing Wal-mart…best keep shtum methinks! Better the devils you know πŸ˜‰ )

  8. A Trader Joe’s recently opened in my hometown and I had a chance to go over Thanksgiving weekend. I picked up some red quinoa, pink Himalayan sea salt and some sea weed snacks. I’m looking forward to many more visits to explore all that TJ’s has to offer.

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