Mini Chocolate Cashew Cheesecakes

Chocolate Cheesecake


I’m guest posting over at In Vegetables We Trust today in a fun little collaboration where I’ve created a recipe, Annie at An Unrefined Vegan photographed it and now it’s been cyber-transported across the ocean landing  on the table at Alexander’s place in the UK.

If you haven’t met Alexander, you need to get going and follow this favorite blogger of mine, I swear he’s like a young Jamie Oliver gone vegan. I seriously drool and fawn over every recipe he makes. Epic stuff. Plus you need to send him some birthday love! (He’ll be 21 tomorrow) I’m positive you’ll adore him and his recipes just as much as Annie and I do (we kinda want to adopt him).

Get the all the glorious deets and recipe


Cheesecake CollageAll photos in this post Courtesy of Annie at An Unrefined Vegan



  1. You always make me feel hungry at 11 in the night with your beautiful desserts. Guess the post is not up in Alexander’s blog yet. will make sure to check it out first thing in the morning. The pictures are gorgeous! and happy birthday to the big boy!

  2. I wish Jamie Oliver was a vegan, hes a foodie workaholic and I can respect that! He does think people need to cut down on meat consumption and he does a lot to encourage home grown veggies and buying local! (you can tell i’m a fan right?), Thanks for the kind words Somer, and Anne that shot with the spoon going through the cheesecake is KILLING me, I’ve totes gotta make these!

    1. I know! I just love him! It’s his passion for good food that reminds me of you. Both utterly amazing. You deserve all the props! And yes, my girl Annie really brought it home with these photos. 🙂

  3. Great minds – I’m doing a cashew cheesecake today for my parents 60th anniversary and I can only hope it turns out half as wonderful as these little beauties. Headed over to see whats in them 😉

    1. Aw, how sweet! Happy 60th to them, and I’m sure your cheesecake will turn out beautifully! I hope it makes an appearance over at Canned Time 🙂

  4. Listen. These are crazy. Crazy pretty. Crazy tasty looking. And all I have right now is an iced tea. What I really want is this. Be my friend and bring one (or four) over? Smooches!

  5. What a great collaboration between the three of ya! I’d probably eat them all if they were in front of me right now.

  6. Hey Somer!!!!!! How are you?!? It’s been waaaay too long! These little cheesecakes look amazing! I hope all is well with you! Things here are going well. Been super busy. Staying Healthy! (knock on wood!) God is good! And still taking PD probiotics:) hugs!

    1. OMGosh! Miss you girl! Funny thing you mentioned the PD probiotics! I haven’t needed them in ages, but I got salmonella poisoning from peanut butter a couple weeks ago and haven’t quite been 100% since. I knocked down 10 of those buggers a day for the last 3 days and I’m back in fighting form. So good to hear from you. xoxo!

  7. What you said about Alexander is so true! Who wouldn’t love top adopt him, for sure???
    A fantastic guest post, my friend! Tasty, tasty, tasty mini cashew chocolate cheesecakes! MMMMMMMM!

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