Vegan Thin Mint Cookies at the Keepin’ It Kind Holiday Cookie Exchange!


It’s Cookie Party Time!

Kristy over at Keepin’ It Kind hosts the most amazing Holiday Cookie Exchange Parties, you know, just for vegan blogger fun-ness. Today I’m sharing my Vegan Thin Mint Cookies and boy oh boy are you in for a treat. These may even be better than the real deal.


There’s something about the Holiday Season that makes me want to put Chocolate and Peppermint together any chance I get, uh, kinda like I did at last years Keepin’ It Kind Holiday Cookie Exchange with these Brookie Grasshopper Squares. I won’t mind if you make both ridiculously yummy desserts…

Both recipes have a gluten free option, are egg freedairy free, soy free and nut free recipe, however these are NOT sugar free or fat free, but I think you’ll forgive me! Just click on the link below to get the recipe:

Vegan Thin Mints

Now for a word about Kristy:

I think if you peruse Kristy’s site, you’ll want to gobble up everything on there. Her and her husband Chris make an awesome team. She’s doing the recipe development and the cooking, he’s working the angles on the camera. The results are stunning, eye-catching and mouthwatering! They’re in the process of writing their first vegan cookbook! Follow her over at Keepin’ it Kind, you’ll be in love with every post and dish!


Come back on Monday where I’ll be kicking off 12 days of Vedged Out Christmas with all kinds of giveaways, goodies and gifts! Happy Holidays!

Love, Somer



  1. Those look AMAZING!!! (& is that snow in the photo–oh how I miss snow, though I don’t really miss Utah winters 🙂 )

    I’m a huge mint/chocolate fan too–we are definitely making these this season.

  2. Reblogged this on Organic Communities Unite Quietly and commented:
    Gluten Free, egg free, dairy free, soy free, and nut free! Man you can’t ask for much more around the holidays if your a true vegan. the holiday season brings out the best of us and baking comes out in even the worst bakers in our families. I know ill be looking out for some fresh recipes for my meals, and these just take the cake! Any other thoughts on what I could make for my family that loves cakes?

    1. I absolutely adore the vegan chocolate cake that comes out of the Moosewood Family Kitchen cookbook. I’m sure if you google around for a recipe, someone has published it. It’s so simple and delicious, plus it uses standard pantry items. Good luck! xoxo

  3. These Thin Mints were always my favorite Girl Scout cookie flavor and I love this version. I have a 2 year old box of the real thing in the back of my freezer that my husband brought home from work. It taunts me daily peeking through from behind all the smoothie frozen fruit bags and ground flax jars…now I can make these and indulge finally on a healthy version! Thanks Somer! Stay safe in that snow out there ♥

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