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VaPOOrize1Um, yeah, this non-toxic cleaning spray does exactly what you think it does, It cleans up human/pet poo, pee or vomit.  It cleans said substances off carpet, upholstery, hard floors and even walls (yes, my toddler was a poo painter for  a period of time). This solution is perfect for homes with babies, toddlers, and pets. A similar store-bought solution (pet clean up spray) can set you back $5-$10 bucks. This solution should cost you no more than a dollar to make. The best part? It really disinfects and completely eliminates odors and bacteria. Believe me, with potty training a toddler and house training a puppy in the last year I know what I’m talking about. For those of you without small children or pets, don’t click the close button on this post, this is also a great all-purpose cleaning spray. I love to clean my kitchen counter tops with it.



  • 1 C. hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 C. distilled water
  • 1 t. baking soda
  • 20-40 drops high quality lemon essential oil (don’t skimp here, we’re talking about poo, and lemon oil is a powerful disinfectant, deodorizer and bacteria killer)
  • few drops of a natural liquid dishwasher soap


Lucky, Portuguese Water Dog – 13 weeks old

Method: Combine all ingredients in a spray bottle, put the spray cap on and shake to blend. Using clean cloths (or disposable cloth baby wipes) remove as much of the offending matter as possible. Saturate area to be cleaned with the VaPOOrize spray. For hard surfaces you can wipe the area clean straight away. For carpet or upholstery: let absorb for a few minutes to really disinfect. Scrub area with (multiple) a clean cloths or disposable cloth baby wipes, I really like the Costco brand for these type of emergencies. Repeat the process if necessary until odor and stains are completely gone. Let area dry. When completely dry, vacuum to restore nap to the carpet.

Disclaimer: this solution has never EVER bleached or discolored any of my carpet or upholstery, but please test this spray in an inconspicuous area on your carpet or fabric to verify colorfast-ness.