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Happy Herbivore Abroad Book Tour Interview and Giveaway!


Blueberry Bundt Cake, page 151

Lindsay Nixon at Happy Herbivore  just released her newest book: “Happy Herbivore Abroad.” I was chosen to join her Blog Tour! 31 Blogs in December are participating and her publisher, BenBella Books is giving away one copy of her newest book at each and every stop! Woohoo!HappyHerbivoreAbroad_FrontCover

You can enter the GIVEAWAY for a copy of this book below, but in the meantime, check out the interview and have a look at the photos I took of the recipes I tested.

Lentil Taco “Meat”, page 43 with Vegan Sour Cream, page 239


Somer: “What was your “aha!” Plant Based moment?”

Lindsay: “I’m not really sure I had one. I think deep in my soul I always knew a plant-based diet was the right way to live. I was a vegetarian most of my life — wouldn’t eat meat as a child. I also didn’t like cheese or eggs and fought my parents constantly. I only wanted fruits and vegetables. In my late teens, family and peer pressure drove me towards the SAD diet and it never felt right to me. Then, in my early 20s, I had a serious health scare and immediately went back to being a vegetarian. Dairy and eggs were only in things like muffins I bought at a coffee shop so a friend suggested I give those up too and I did. After I was quote-unquote “vegan” I started reading nutrition books and researching — I stumbled across The China Study and it confirmed what I had been feeling, intuitively, for so long. There was no looking back at that point. That was…. 6 years ago.”

Tabbouleh, page 133


Somer: “Did you go cold tofurky or was it a gradual process?”

Lindsay: “I suppose a bit of both. I went back to being vegetarian overnight, and when I decided to give up all animal products (about a year later) that too was effectively overnight. I’ve counseled hundreds of people making the transition since and find those who do it “cold tofu” have the best experience.”

Vegetable Korma, Page 100

.,   ,,...m, ,,,.,.,..

Somer: “What was harder to eliminate from your diet, cheese or oils?”

Lindsday: “I never cared for cheese (as a child I pulled it off pizza served at parties and just ate the bread). Oil wasn’t really an issue for me either. Once I read about how harmful they were I stopped cooking with them that day. It didn’t really phase me. “

Meusli, page 134


Somer: “What are your Plant Based tips for dining out?”

Lindsay: “I’ve written about half a dozen blog posts on this 🙂 Try the search bar on happyherbivore.com‘s blog.”

Cranberry Bread, page 279


Somer: “Are you still running marathons and if so, what are your running motivation tips?”

Lindsay: “My work schedule doesn’t leave me with enough time to properly train for marathons anymore, so I’ve taken on new sports — mainly snowboarding (in the winter) and hiking/TRX in the summer. Running was always an escape for me — I called it my self therapy… I so looked forward to that isolated time with my thoughts that I never needed to really motivate myself — it was it’s own motivation. Find a sport you really love and you’ll look forward to the practice of it!”

Bread Pudding, page 156

Bread Pudding

Somer: “What are your suggestions for reducing sodium? (my biggest pitfall)!”

Lindsay: “Cut it out completely. When my husband and I moved abroad, we stopped cooking with salt and didn’t even buy it at the store. We totally eliminated it. About three months later we went back home to NYC for a visit and dined at our all-time favorite restaurant. We both sent our dishes back, insisting they used too much salt. When they brought new plates out, it was still much too salty, but then our friends tried the food and said “you know, I actually think it NEEDS salt” and I realized I’d finally broken myself of a bad habit. You have to go completely off it — and stay off it. Food might taste bland for a few days (or a few weeks) but it will pass and then you’ll be so glad you stuck it out.”

German Potato Salad, page 63 with homemade TVP “Bacon” Bits, page 246

German Potato Salad
Somer: “What transition advice do you have for those who are thinking about or who are new to a plant-based diet?”

Lindsay: “Just do it. Take it a meal at a time. Don’t get caught up with over thinking. Worry about this meal, right now — not what you’re doing tomorrow, or next week or next Christmas. Never think in “Can’s haves” — it’s not that you can’t have it, it’s that you’re choosing not to. Also, focus on all the food you can have, not what you’re choosing to give up. I eat a wider variety of food now on a plant-based diet than I ever did on an omnivorous one!”

Lindsay Nixon headshot

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