spiced lentils

Smoothies, Cinnamon Rolls and That’s a Wrap.

So, my new friend Katie over at Well Vegan is on a Smoothie Train, check out this Super Green Smoothie, her Blackberry Cashew Smoothie and her Peanut Butter Smoothie. Y’all know how I feel about smoothies, so of course I hopped right on board. The Super Green Smoothie is featured in the photo below. Pure love.

Super Green Smoothie

For many of you Vegan Richa needs no introduction. The girl is a baking, Indian food making vegan fool (in such a good way). I’d been drooling over her cinnamon roll recipe from the get go. I just can’t believe it took me so long to make it. It’s one of the “best I’ve ever had” moments… and that’s not one I say too often. Just. Do. It. It’s healthier than it looks.

Cinnamon Rolls

Shira at In Pursuit of More really got to me in her Food Bloggers Against Hunger Post. She knows how to speak from right from her heart and it makes her whole blog glow with love.


I don’t think I’ll ever buy flour tortillas again after making the Indian Chapatis, and the Spiced Lentils are simply gorgeous. Yeah, she never steers me wrong. 

What food bloggers are you loving at the moment? What’s the best recipe you’ve tried off a favorite site recently?