WOOHOO MOFO! Plus- Extra Snappy and Soft Ginger Cookies

Not sure if I’m going to be kicking myself, BUT I’VE SIGNED UP FOR VEGAN MOFO!!! “What is MOFO”, you ask? Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but it’s not an acronym for any foul swear words (you dirty birds). It’s an October-blog-fest where vegan bloggers bore you to death blog your socks off all month long. Are you ready?!?

So while you are all waiting to be blown away by a month of vegan radness, I have this tasty little tidbit for you.

Extra Snappy and Soft Ginger Cookies

Adapted from this recipe here at Thom’s vegan blog Don’t Switch off the Light

Ingredients: 2 C. whole wheat pastry flour, 1/3 C. unsulphered molasses, 1/3 C. raw sugar, 1 t. baking soda, 4 t. dried ginger, 1 t. grated fresh ginger, 3/4 t. ground cloves, 1 t. ground cinnamon, a smidgen of cayenne pepper, few grinds of black pepper, 1/2 t. sea salt, 1/4 C. coconut oil, 1/2 C. soy milk, 1 T. vanilla, small bowl of vegan powdered sugar for rolling the dough in.

Method: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine dry ingredients in a large bowl

combine wet ingredients in a small bowl (or measuring cup).

Pour wet ingredients into the dry ingredients, mix until combined.

Measure out cookie dough by rounded tablespoons and roll into balls. Roll each ball in the powdered sugar until completely coated. Place cookies onto a baking sheet and flatten each cookie with the bottom of a measuring cup.

Does anyone’s baking sheet look as gnarly as mine does?

Bake for 8-10 minutes. Once cooled store in an airtight container so that the cookies will remain soft.

Prepare yourselves for Monday!


    1. Aren’t they adorable! I got mine in Colorado City in a little store run by the fundamentalist Mormons. The ladies had inscribed the measurements 1/8th, 1/16th, 1/32th. Love them.

      The cookies were a huge hit. My kids can’t keep their little paws off them 🙂

  1. Oh my those look delish!! I have some maple spice cookies on my blog with oatmeal that are yummy, but these look right up my alley. That’s great that you found this recipe and shared it so we can all try it! Yummy!

    1. I’ll have to look up the maple spice ones! I knew I had to make them the moment I saw them on his blog, with my own healthy twist of course! 🙂

    1. YES! Mine still work great, just look seriously battered, hey, it gives them character! Fist bump on the MOFO. What have we done?!? Thanks for the compliments on the cookies!

    1. Thanks Sophie! I think you’ll love them. Like everything I make, they aren’t very sweet, so feel free to add more raw sugar if you have a sweet tooth! xoxo

    1. I think they’ll be delicious, I still haven’t figured out gluten free baking, we’re lucky that we’re all tolerant, but I mostly using kamut these days.

  2. Looking good Somer!! I have to admit….I am terrified of MoFo..I haven’t signed up (there is just no way I could keep up) but with all of you ladies cranking it out all month, I am looking forward to catching it all from the sidelines – enjoy!! X 🙂

    1. Oh, believe me, I’m shaking in my boots! I’m head of the PTA drug free week that’s on this coming month at my daughter’s school, my husband is going to be travelling, tack Halloween, helping mom’s in the hood with watching kids twice a week while they work and more and I’m sure I’ll be pulling my hair out! :/ Then again, I can’t think of a better way to get my new little blog a boost! I just need to find the time to fit in some running to burn off all the stress and I’ll be good! xoxo!

    1. Double whammy then with crinkly and ginger 🙂

      Isn’t it a strange world where refined white sugar is processed with animal bone char to make it whiter?!? It may only be a practice in the states, but since I found out, I find white sugar a little more disturbing, besides the fact it offers no nutritional value. Vegan and organic sugars are not processed with animal bones. To avoid any of the above issues, I only buy raw sugar that has all the minerals and goodness in it and use it sparingly. To make powdered sugar, I just cycle a bit of raw sugar through my high powered blender. I still eat refined white sugar in some processed products like store bought bbq sauce or ketchup, but I try to limit my consumption of most processed goods. And your totally not ignorant, it’s a secret the sugar industry tries to hide.

    1. Yes, free pass! Learning new things about food and the way it’s processed in America has led me to my diet as much as the health benefits. Cows in grotesque feedlots being fed corn which they can’t digest so they develop E. Coli in their gut which is then transferred from their stools to the meat. Chicken houses that are revolting with a hundred thousand cramped chickens genetically engineered to get so big so quickly they can’t even walk and lay on the floor in their own feces until they are processed. GMO food everywhere. It’s seriously disturbing.Your lucky you have farm life and access to humanely treated animals and ones that are likely grass fed. It costs so much more here for grass fed and organic meat (just organic is still feed lot animals and organic corn) that it just felt like the right choice for me to eliminate animal products entirely, because the dairy system is every bit as revolting. Gotta love what capitalism did to the system. I don’t think farming anywhere else in the world has reached the ugliness it’s reached here. Sorry for my rant!

    1. Amanda gave me the idea when I shared this recipe with her. She said her husband likes his ginger cookies “extra snappy.” Brilliant, took them to a whole new (subtle) level 🙂

  3. I’m baking them!!! Great recipe, I can tell just by scanning the ingredients and of course they way they look on your blog, that they are perfect! and I can share them with my vegan friends!! Yum, just in time for Fall!

    1. Awesome! You’ll never miss the egg or butter! They hold together perfectly. If you prefer a sweeter cookie, increase the raw sugar to 1/2 cup 🙂 Thanks!

          1. I got a vegan baking cookbook from our local library. Some of the ingredients that substituted for egg were a little exotic. I live in a rural area so I haven’t done much vegan baking beyond pumpkin or black bean brownies! 😀

            1. The more I experiment with vegan baking, the more I find funky egg substitutes aren’t necessary. A couple of tablespoons ground flax seeds mixed with double the amount of water is a good sub for one egg, but you’ll see in most of my baking, I don’t use an egg substitute at all 🙂

  4. Those cookies look amazing; I love gingersnaps, so I will definitely try to make them sometime soon:) And I am looking forward to Monday–whoever came up with the idea of a vegan month of food was a complete genius!!

    1. Thanks! These cookies are the ones we have made the most often over the last few months. My kids love them! Isn’t Vegan MOFO a cool idea! I don’t even know who came up with it. I ought to find out since I’m participating!

    1. It has been too long since I heard “arvo”! I lived in Sydney for a couple years and miss it dearly! Glad to hear I’m not the only one with a dodgy baking sheet. 😉

    1. Wow! Good to have a couple of buddies on board! Annie’s doing it too! Thanks for the blog love, I have some fun stuff planned, can’t wait to see what you come up with as well!

  5. I can’t wait to be bombarded by vegan blogging! Especially when your ideas are always as good as this one! These sound great. And of course my baking sheets look just like yours–it’s because we use them. 🙂

  6. those are some snappy ginger cookies. i heart ginger and molasses together in anything!
    and welcome to mofo! cant wait to see what you whip up everyday! People should not ask me to remember the days in october:) hopefully i will remember my own birthday!

    1. Thanks Richa! It’s going to be crazy, I’m all ready overwhelmed and it hasn’t even begun! I’m grateful you’ve done it before. I’ll just follow your lead….And I hope you don’t end up making your own birthday cake like I did! 🙂

  7. Hey Somer thanks and I will try your adaptation too. These are great biscuits and I have made them a few times now. They are popular 🙂 Thanks for mentioning me… You know for me there is nothing like a fresh new recipe. They are all adaptations from someone somewhere who made these most certainly centuries ago. So we are all passing on their ideas, inspirations and love for cooking. There is something special about making something that people enjoy. I hope that I can inspire people to cook. That’s one of the reasons I do blog. Sharing things that I find out, like, dislike and making connections to people like you. Have a great weekend with your family 🙂

    1. Thanks Thom! They were absolutely delicious when I followed your recipe verbatim, but as you know we try to eat all whole grain with very little oil and sugar. I pushed the limits with this recipe, adding an extra spicy kick helps to make the flavor pop without the biscuits being too sweet.

      And you are right, we are all working off something that came from somewhere, constantly evolving and changing things, as I’m sure someone else will do with this. Have a great weekend too!

  8. I love your little spoons too! I’m very excited to see your posts this month. These cookies look really good. I’m going to give them a try this weekend.

  9. Yum! I was going to do MOFO but my life is a bit upsidedown/sideways right now, so I’ve decided to be kind to myself and not push it. Can’t wait to read everyone else’s posts though!

    1. It’s gonna be fun, but I’ll probably regret it! I have a bit of a crazy month too, but I’m sure not as crazy as yours! Best of luck with your house hunting and move!

  10. LOVE!Ginger is like my personal drug, but ,ostly because I keep away from it lik 9 months a year. Well, October is coming…

    1. Wow, thanks Gabby! Wish you were doing MOFO too, maybe next year!

      Thanks for the props on the cookies and the blog, it’s been a really fun endeavor!

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