Pepita Maple Butter Salad Dressing with Carrot Ribbon Salad

Carrot Ribbon SaladCarrot Ribbon Salad with Pepita Maple Butter Salad Dressing

My mom brought me nearly a gallon of roasted salted pepitas (pumpkin seeds) last time she came to visit. I’ve been using them in everything, but this post is all about the best salad dressing EVER. You’ll pretty much want to drink it from the jar once you’ve made it. You can serve it over any type of salad. Last night we had it over baby greens, artichoke hearts and white beans. However the carrot ribbons are cute and whimsical, plus this dish reminds me of an unusual (but tasty) salad my mom used to make when I was little: shredded carrot, mayo, sugar, raisins, salt and pepper. I like to think of this as my grown up version. Thanks mom for all the lovely pepitas!

Pepita ButterPepita Butter

Salad Dressing

Pepita Maple Butter Salad Dressing

  • 1/4 C. pepita butter (I made the pepita butter in my blendtec: 3 C. roasted salted pepitas, processed and scraped down, over and over until smooth, this took just a couple minutes) OR you could use 1/2 C. pepitas
  • 1/4 C. pure maple syrup (if desired, halve this amount for a more savory dressing)
  • 2 T. bragg’s liquid aminos
  • 3 T. plant milk of choice, I used soy
  • 2 T. white wine vinegar
  • 1 T. nutritional yeast (optional)
  • 1 clove minced garlic

Method: In a power blender, blend all ingredients until completely smooth. Dressing will be a bit thin, but thickens nicely in the fridge. If you don’t have a power blender, or a food processor to make the pepita butter, soak the pepitas for a few hours before blending the dressing.

Carrot Ribbons

For the Carrot Ribbon Salad:

  • 2-3 Carrots per person, shaved into ribbons with a vegetable peeler
  • Roasted and Salted Pepitas for sprinkling over salad
  • Cranberries or Raisins for sprinkling over salad
  • A few tablespoons of the above dressing, per person

Carrot Ribbon Salad 2

This recipe is featured on the Virtual Vegan Linky Potluck




    1. Thanks Alexander! My sister taught me how to make carrot ribbons, Now carrots aren’t nearly as pretty any other way in a salad! You’ll love the dressing, as I know you love pepitas!

  1. Okay, did your Mom hang out with mine because we had the shredded carrot, mayo raisin salad at least once a month when I was growing up!
    This one is definitely a gorgeous and healthier version. LOVE those ribbons and the dressing sounds perfectly sweet/tart. A half gallon of Pepitas? You lucky girl. They make a perfect topping for the dressing…have a few bites for me please πŸ™‚

    1. She must’ve! That’s so funny! I am a very lucky girl… She brought chia seeds, sesame seeds, a gallon of fresh pressed olive oil, all from nearby their home in Mexico. Wonderful!

    1. She’s pretty wonderful! Oh my goodness, the pepita butter, I LOVE it, it’s more savory than other nut and seed butters, which is fabulous!

  2. You just made something gorgeous and highly desirable. I think you should rename this salad “Super model Salad” and be done with it! ;). Looks wonderful and that dressing is very frugal at the same time using cheaper pepitas πŸ™‚

    1. I was going to make it more grand, with more ingredients and toppings and put it on a bed of lettuce, then I thought, nah, I like you just the way you are! Get those pepitas babe! xx

  3. That is the prettiest salad I have seen in a long time, love the cranberries on top! The dressing sounds wonderful – I have written it down for a must -try πŸ™‚
    Thank you Somer!

    1. I know, right?!? And I thought I could only make nut/seed butters in the food processor… Pshaw. I just needed to do more scraping down, LOTS more scraping down, but it’s still 8 minutes faster than in the cuisinart!

  4. Beautiful salad. I am so in love with the orange color of carrots! I love pepita dressings, too! This photo rivals Annie’s prize cupcake photo.
    Your carrot strips remind me of a meal we had with carrots recently. Hopefully I will get the post up soon. I don’t always get the photo the first time around. πŸ˜‰

    1. All right, now don’t get me all confused… Annie’s prized cupcake photo was the shiz. This is a carrot salad for crying out loud πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the compliments babe! xx

  5. My mom makes a similar carrot/raisin salad, ha ha! I love your grown up version, carrots ribbons are very fancy! The dressing sounds wonderful, love how it seems anything can be made into “butter”. Yum.

    1. Haha! Nope, so simple. I do recommend bigger carrots so that you have more surface area to work with. You also won’t be able to turn the whole carrot into ribbons, so I typically dice the remainders and put them in a container in the fridge to use in soups or to sprinkle over other salads. The dressing is killer, hope you enjoy it πŸ™‚

    1. So lucky! She brought all this stuff up from Mexico a store near their beach home in Mexico, including a quart of chia seeds, she said they maybe cost her a couple dollars. The fresh pressed olive oil she brought was insane. I’ve never tasted anything like it, It made my premium olive oil taste like toxic sludge in comparison. Sigh.

  6. This looks amazing Somer! I almost made it last night but I am thinking tonight is THE night. I love pumpkin seeds and just found a big container hanging out in the cupboard. Typical bloggy recipe fate. XO!

      1. If anyone has influenced my tastes in food lately it’s been you! I think often about your blog posts and the recipes when I cook and figure out menus. It’s just different, better than the other veggie-centric recipes in cookbooks, blogs and cooking shows.

        1. You sweetheart! I admit I don’t use cookbooks often because I’m often disappointed with the results. But I do prepare lots of things from friends blogs, almost never steers me wrong, I think it’s partly finding sites where the author shares your food taste. I’m glad you share mine! Super flattering πŸ™‚

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