VaPOOrize1Um, yeah, this non-toxic cleaning spray does exactly what you think it does, It cleans up human/pet poo, pee or vomit.  It cleans said substances off carpet, upholstery, hard floors and even walls (yes, my toddler was a poo painter for  a period of time). This solution is perfect for homes with babies, toddlers, and pets. A similar store-bought solution (pet clean up spray) can set you back $5-$10 bucks. This solution should cost you no more than a dollar to make. The best part? It really disinfects and completely eliminates odors and bacteria. Believe me, with potty training a toddler and house training a puppy in the last year I know what I’m talking about. For those of you without small children or pets, don’t click the close button on this post, this is also a great all-purpose cleaning spray. I love to clean my kitchen counter tops with it.



  • 1 C. hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 C. distilled water
  • 1 t. baking soda
  • 20-40 drops high quality lemon essential oil (don’t skimp here, we’re talking about poo, and lemon oil is a powerful disinfectant, deodorizer and bacteria killer)
  • few drops of a natural liquid dishwasher soap


Lucky, Portuguese Water Dog – 13 weeks old

Method: Combine all ingredients in a spray bottle, put the spray cap on and shake to blend. Using clean cloths (or disposable cloth baby wipes) remove as much of the offending matter as possible. Saturate area to be cleaned with the VaPOOrize spray. For hard surfaces you can wipe the area clean straight away. For carpet or upholstery: let absorb for a few minutes to really disinfect. Scrub area with (multiple) a clean cloths or disposable cloth baby wipes, I really like the Costco brand for these type of emergencies. Repeat the process if necessary until odor and stains are completely gone. Let area dry. When completely dry, vacuum to restore nap to the carpet.

Disclaimer: this solution has never EVER bleached or discolored any of my carpet or upholstery, but please test this spray in an inconspicuous area on your carpet or fabric to verify colorfast-ness.



    1. Very frugal, not feeding 😉 ! I’m glad you’re not in a poo painting phase, but bookmark this, because someday when you get a pet or have a child you’re really going to be cursing said child or pet and thanking me….

            1. It typically happens before potty training occurs, you think the baby is napping in the crib, but when you go to check on them….Poo disaster…. Everywhere. The first time it happened I nearly had a heart attack and there were lots of tears. I’m (nearly) immune to it now. You’d be surprised how many moms know EXACTLY what I’m talking about…We bought a carpet cleaner just for this reason. I fill the tank with this solution.

    2. Lol…OK, I am laughing. Ya know that scary laugh? The one where one’s eyes are twitching? Yep. Mine did that a few weeks ago. He was screaming (the toddler) really loud during his nap time. Go upstairs, he is naked and poop is everywhere. I saw then why some women drink…lol.

      1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who’s been through this. Not that I’d wish it on anyone…it’s horrendous. Make some of this now. You might need it. My baby did this several times before he got out of the phase. Each occurrence was worse than the last!

  1. Oh my gosh, Costco baby wipes are a life saver. They work better than any other brand!!
    I could have used this spray a few years back when an idiot (now ex-friend) changed her daughter on my off white carpeting and got poop all over it.

    1. I love them! We’re out of this phase now, but I still keep some on hand for other types of emergencies. They also make a great quick clean up post work out 🙂

      Oh my goodness. It’s hard enough to clean up poo from your own baby, but someone else’s poo. That’s just vile. Your poor carpet!

    1. Haha thanks girl! I really hope you never need it either. Unfortunately it has come to my rescue more times than i care to admit. Kids throw up, pets get sick and have accidents and well, you know, the poo painting thing too… 😉

  2. i so need to make this.. this would have saved me a bunch of $ when i was fostering.. now with a big bottle of vapoorize( i love that name btw) i can think of fostering a bunch of puppies! i am sure chewie does not appreciate the idea. he doesnt like over enthusiastic pups since he is almost 8 now.

    1. Oh my gosh, Richa, that store bought stuff is the biggest rip off! I figured out how to make this when Lucky was a puppy because I got sick of going to the store over and over again for more poo spray. This version smells much nicer too! Poor Chewie, your’re right, he might not love a bunch of young pups around…

  3. Yeh…makes you wonder why some of us are dumb enough to have more children after that first one doesn’t it? I have a theory there by the way…each child that you have subtly eliminates one quarter of your brain cells during the birthing process…have you ever noticed how people have 1…2…3…4 kids and then BAM they end up with 10? That’s why! 😉 My kids are all adults now and our dogs are house trained BUT this stuff is amazing and will be made with reverance and used with glee…smelly things don’t only come from the nether regions of children and dogs and living on a 4 acre property out in the bush certainly lends itself to tramping in smelly things on a regular basis (especially when you are being held to ransom by 30 hens who decorate every inch of the property in what comes out of THEIR nether regions…sigh…) Somer to the rescue! Where is your cape, by the way (or are you like Superman and only put it on when there are villains around?) 🙂

    1. I do have a super hero cape and a Nacho Libre mask, but I only wear it on Halloween…. Yes this is good for the chicken shiz that gets tracked in on the floor as well! Go forth and make some Fran! 🙂

    1. Nothing like a bit of silliness on a Wednesday 😉 I think little girls are less apt to poo paint so you may be lucky, but you’ll love this as a cleaning solution for other things 🙂

    1. You’re gonna need this if you’re getting a puppy for sure! My littlest is just past this phase too, but had a throw up incidence recently where he didn’t quite make it to the bathroom on time and it ended up all over the carpet in the hall. VaPOOrize to the rescue!

  4. Lemon oil is awesome for cleaning, as is Wild Orange too! It is also great for detoxifying the body and flushing out hydrocarbons we’re exposed to on a daily basis. But of course not all lemon oils are ingestible – so be sure to read the label.


    PS – I have been making my own hand wipes using essential oils for the past year or so – far more effective than store bought stuff containing all kinds of scary chemicals – and much cheaper than Costco as well! Cheers!

    1. I only use Doterra oils 🙂 they are my favorite, and of course I know most of them can be safely ingested. What material do you use to make your hand wipes? Costco ones are hands down the best for cleaning a babies bottom, the paper towel hand made ones I’ve tried in the past didn’t even come close to comparing, but now that I’m out of that phase it might be time to try something more economical and environmentally responsible.

      1. Luckily (sadly, perhaps too) my “baby” baby wipe days are behind me – at least until grandkids 😉 So we’ve been using our homemade paper towel wipes on teenagers now – and I have to say that they work great. If you know about doTERRA then you’re most likely using their On Guard blend, which is an awesome disinfectant. But their cleaning products rock as well. So we make the wipes using their On Guard disinfecting hand wash, lemon & some fractionated coconut oil to soothe the skin.

        Happy oiling!

        1. Awesome Judy! I make my own foaming handwash and add on guard or other oils, but you’ve inspired me to try the paper towel wipes again. I’m a distributor for Doterra, but don’t sell the products. Don’t have the time! 😉 Thanks!

  5. Great DIY product! My kitties are litter-box trained, but evey now and again one of them horks up a hairball mixed with semi-digested food–and I don’t usually know about it until it’s driend on the carpet. I’ll give this a shot and see if it works better than just soap at getting it all out.

  6. Somer,

    As someone who has been preaching the gospel of non-toxic homemade cleaners, this post makes me very happy!!!!

    The premise of my blog was based on removing all toxic cleaners from my home — after having cancer in 2010, I completely overhauled my body and my home. Nothing toxic resides in my home and I am very careful about what I put in my body and on it.

    That said, credo really belongs to one of the very first bloggers I started to follow: Susan Gregory Thomas at Ask-A-Broke-ass Grouch. Susan a.k.a. BAG was the reason I launched my own blog and started using vinegar and baking soda to clean my home.

    P.s. I have 5 cats so I am all too familiar with “accidents”.

    oh and, is that your furry baby? Sooooo cute!

    1. Non toxic cleaning is the best! It’s unnecessary to have dangerous chemicals in the home for cleaning. Plus this one works every bit as well (maybe better) than its store bought counterpart. You could totally use this for your kitties!

      Oh and yes, that’s my baby in the photos, except he weighs 60 lbs now and has been house trained for quite some time. He’s the best running companion! (He looks an awful lot like Bo Obama, they’re the same breed). xx

      1. He’s adorable. I didn’t realize that breed made for good running companions. Can he handle the pace/mileage?

        1. Oh my gosh, we once did 12 miles together, he was pulling me and grinning at the end. He wishes I would run faster! I’m sure if I ever decide to do a marathon, he’ll build up the mileage right beside me. I have no doubts he’s capable! A bigger more recent (blurry) photo of him is on my run page:

        2. Oh, and the reason we didn’t do rescue (like I wanted) is that I like big dogs, but I also needed one that is hypoallergenic and doesn’t shed because my husband and daughter have asthma and allergies. He fits all those requirements. We got him from a breeder in Park City.

          1. He’s super cute no judgement from this end of the blogsphere…

            I love dogs but with 5 cats, long commute and long working hours I don’t think it would be fair. My dream dogs are the Bernese Mt. Dog and the Newfoundland (like you, I’m a sucker for big dogs). I also love Goldens. But when the day finally arrives that I can have a dog, more than likely I will get a Sato from the North East Animal Shelter. They rescue Sato dogs from Puerto Rico. It’s a really wonderful cause.

            1. I just googled the Sato dog! So darling! I’m definitely a dog lover, but I grew up with cats. I had a cat named ninja when I was a teenager and he used to sleep curled around my neck! Haha. Yeah, dogs need much more attention than cats, they are so social. It’d be a good idea to wait until your at home more. I’m a stay at home mom and Lucky follows me everywhere like a little toddler. I can’t even go to the bathroom without him whining outside the door. Big baby. Love his guts.

              1. That’s so sweet.

                And it’s funny because my cats do that too. I’m recently divorced and now live alone, so I don’t bother shutting the bathroom door all the way because 1.) I live alone; and 2.) my cats want to keep my company while I’m in there.

                Animals are so chill. Some day I will have my dog, despite having had cats my entire life.

                    1. 🙂
                      those of us striving for good “clean food” and optimum health need to stick together.

      1. Honestly, he’s 15 and I’m pretty grateful it’s just the occasional vomit. (yes, grateful for vomit, that’s where we are). He is unperturbed, as only a slightly spastic terrier can be. 🙂

      2. Just a suggestion, but a drop of DigestZen in the dog’s water could go a long way towards easing the acid reflux. I know that we started adding a couple drops of On Guard into our golden retriever’s water dish and saw his nasty plaque buildup disappear. No more doggie dental bills!

        Cheers! 🙂

  7. Love it! Thankfully, I’ve had him in the bathroom on the tile. When he’s out with me, I watch him like a hawk. I will bookmark this page for sure…something tells me we’re gonna need it (a/k/a/ we might end up with a dog).

  8. Where do you get your pure essentials from here in USA and I was told that the pure essentials isn’t good to use around cats.Do you know if that is true?

  9. This seems great have a 5 year old who loves creating messes and brings in the weirdest things that stain our beige carpet, def. gonna try this!
    I love essentials oils, I think my favorite is peppermint oil, the smell and relaxation that it brings is amazing.

  10. Sorry, I know this is a very old post but, would this also work with tea tree oil? I don’t have any lemon essential oil at home but I do have very high quality tea tree oil which also has disinfectant and antibiotic properties. I have everything else on hand and a foster dog who’s never been an indoor dog and has decided to poo and pee all over my sons’ room. Help me please lol

      1. I tried it and it worked beautifully. The smell is gone, and the dogs are no longer attracted to that spot. It does smell a little, I’m not a huge fan of the tea tree oil smells. I’m sure the lemon smells much better

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