Vegan MOFO Round up and Virtual Vegan Potluck Frenzy!

The Virtual Vegan Potluck starts tomorrow night! So get some rest because you’re gonna need some endurance for the awesome feast that awaits you. In the meantime,  check out my Vegan MOFO round up! For reals, 23 posts in the month of October, including this one and tomorrow night’s final post!

1. Black Bean Veggie Burger on a Pretzel Bun

2. Whole Grain Pretzel Rolls or Buns

3. Holy Freaking Crap

4. Smoky Vegan Split Pea Soup

5. Healthied up Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

6. Dad’s Cowboy Beans

7. Vegan French Toast

8. Not Beef Stew

9. Baked Maple Dijon Baby Lima Beans

10. Sriracha and Olive Salsa Fresca

11. Review: Sage’s Cafe, Salt Lake City

12. Layered Plum Tart with Apricot Crumble

13. Vegan BBQ Sandwich

14. Butler Soy Curl Giveaway (Closed)

15. Smoked Coconut Gouda

16. Vedged Out Calzone

17. Pepper Jack Cashew Cheez

18. Cozy Roasted Butternut Soup

19. Rustic Multi-Grain Seeded Loaf

20. Vegan Monte Cristo Sandwich (For Vegan MOFO Iron Chef Challenge, turned out to be not much of a challenge, no winners were announced).
 21. Vegan Aebleskivers

Get ready to Party! Tomorrow night I’ll be bringing you my final Vegan MOFO post and My Virtual Vegan Potluck appetizer. Thanks for sticking with me! It’s been a roller coaster!



    1. Thanks Lucy! Oh sorry for not getting back to you yesterday! A replacement was found before I heard back from you. I would LOVE to have you on board next round and I am saving you a special spot 😉 xx

    1. Haha! I was drooling last night putting this post together, we have eaten a little too well this month. I think I gained the MOFO 5 😉 Thanks for the potluck support. I want you there next time! 🙂

    1. Until last night I didn’t even know what my post count was! I was just grateful I hit 20! We’ll see if I deliver the goods you’ve been waiting for tonight!

  1. Wow Somer – an impressive finish to a great month of Vedged our posts! Beautiful food and stories throughout – thank you for all of your hard work in the name of amazing 🙂 See you at the potluck tonight! XO

      1. totally didn’t even notice my dear! Just saw your facebook post. 4 days apart!?!? Girl, no wonder why we’re connected at the blogging hip! xoxoxoxoxox!

    1. I’m just glad you stuck through it with me. I was worried that I would lose all my followers because of inundated inboxes 😉 I’ll probably be taking a bit of a break before starting with the Thanksgiving madness posts. Girl, this is going to be our first vegan Thanksgiving! Exciting! Can’t wait to see what you are bringing tonight, I’m all in suspense!

    1. I seriously can’t do this every day. I’ve been a frenzied mad woman all month. I don’t know how daily bloggers do it, especially if they aren’t getting paid 😉 I think after a little break I’m going back to 2 or 3 days a week!

    1. Thanks Kristy! Loved yours too! I thought MOFO would bring a lot of traffic, I think I literally got 16 hits for participating, may not do it next year, I don’t know if its worth the stress!

  2. AWesome!! tat is one seriously mofo!
    i was hoping to get a break.. but right after vvp, i have to whip up some indian sweets for diwali.. aaahhh. no rest in sight!

  3. I am getting my post ready for VVP right now, a little late I’m afraid but it will be ready. After this MOFO and VVP I’m going to focus less on sweets for my blog (well, we’ll see…). And, Wow, You look amazing, by the way! I’ve been meaning to say so for quite some time. Very inspirtational!

    Oh, and I will be making your not-beef stew soon! We are a little under-the-weather here, and that looks so warm and comforting! I wish I had a bowl ready for me right now, 😀

    I’ve really enjoyed all your MOFO posts this month!

    1. Thank you so much. I feel amazing and I love being vegan.

      Hope you are feeling better today. Wish I could send you some of the not beef stew via refrigerated express, but all I want are take out salads after MOFO. Are you as worn out as I am? That was crazy!!!

      p.s. again, your VVP post was incredible!!!

  4. A rollercoaster indeed! A rollercoaster that allowed me to discover both you and Annie’s blogs and that have me thinking that I am going to have to satiate my desire to cook more inovative things by starting a vegan food blog someday soon. Cheers for everything and especially for the amazing coconut cheeze recipes! I am making some this afternoon…rainy old day that it is, its perfect to bake and mess about with ingredients. I might even share it on my saturdays post with a link back to you 🙂

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